Most first dates present the modern-day girl with one of two circumstances: Either you met online or you met while you were out with your friends at a dimly lit bar after three shots of tequila. Either way, it’s your prerogative to show him (or her!) your best self since pictures or your tipsy alter ego hardly do you justice. But there are just so many things to consider. Here are 10 thoughts we all have when we’re primping and prepping in the hours minutes before the date.

getting ready for a first date

1. Think he’ll notice if I have third-day hair? How about fifth-day hair?
But what if I use lots of dry shampoo? That’ll work, right? Sure … unless he runs his hands through my hair …

2. Do I really have to shave?
After all, it is just a first date. But what if he touches my knee?

3. Ugh, what if he wasn’t worth shaving for?
Am I being catfished? What if he’s really 30 years older than he said he was? That would totally be a wasted shave job

4. If I spray perfume right before I leave, will it be too obvious I was trying to smell good for him?
So what about just a really good smelling hair oil? That should be a nice compromise.

5. I really want to wear my new Urban Decay Revolution Lip Gloss, but what if it ends up all over his face?
Pink glitter might not be his best look.

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6. Dare I attempt a cat eye?
I wonder if he’s the type of guy to care if I’m late. Like, really late.

7. S#@%! I messed up my cat eye.
Maybe I should just tell him I’m sick. Pajamas sound so nice right now.

8. Maybe I should have a pre-date glass of wine to calm my nerves.
Too bad I already applied my lipstick.

9. Should I bring concealer, lip gloss, lip balm, blush and powder in my purse for touch-ups?
Too much?

10. Do I really need to touch up my nail polish?
They don’t really look too bad ... in the dark … 

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