Charu Suri Apr 5, 2012
You wouldn't go on a date without getting a stamp of approval on your outfit, hair and makeup from your best friend, right? Oprah Winfrey feels the same—well kind of. Before going on air, she always receives trusted advice and the careful eye of her longtime hairstylist, Andre Walker. Curious about what he says? Here are some of his top insider secrets and hair care tips. Experiment with hairstyle trends Although Walker feels that the current hairstyle trends are all over the place, he says that longer hair is definitely in. "Hair pieces are widely used," he explains. Start by experimenting with inexpensive pieces—ponytails, clip-ons, bangs—until you figure out the best color, texture, and look for you. "Then, upgrade by investing in better pieces without making an expensive mistake." Embrace your hair's natural texture "Going with your hair's natural texture can actually make life easier if you are willing to learn new techniques," says Walker. "Have your stylist design a great cut that works with, not against, your hair's natural texture. Be willing to experiment with new looks. Make peace with your hair!" He also recommends using straighteners and experimenting with products designed for textured hair, which are especially helpful during the sticky summer months. Give your hair a break Walker's best inside tip: "I give [Oprah's] hair a break from heat styling, chemical treatments, etc." Every three months or so, Walker puts her hair up in braids and adds extensions, which gives her hair a rest from the constant styling, blowing, hot tools, etc. This allows her hair to rebuild itself—and she also gets a new look. "Just like your mind and body, it's good to give your hair time out to rejuvenate." Do you have any styling secrets? Spill! Photo credit: Andre Walker Hair


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