Jan 20, 2015

Not everyone has time to apply false eyelashes or the budget for lash extensions. That doesn't mean you can't recreate the wow factor of those eye-popping looks! Here are five expert, money-saving ways to work with what you've already got and fake false eyelashes like a professional makeup artist.

fake false eyelashes
Lash Line Illusion

Create a thicker lash line with eyeliner. Grab a waterproof, soft eyeliner pencil in a shade that matches your brow color, like Lancôme Le Stylo Waterproof Long Lasting EyeLiner, and thinly line your eye lid as close to your natural lash line as possible. Make sure the pencil tip is sharpened so the line is thin. Lining your eyelids with a narrow line like this creates an illusion of a fuller lash line.

Define the Waterline

Double up on your newly plump lash line by lining your waterline, too. If your eyes can handle it, this trick will add mega dimension. Your waterline is the reverse lash line right inside your lashes. Take your time, and draw your line in dashes to make the process easier for the eyes, if needed.

Use Lash Primer

Use a lash primer to optimize mascara usage. Mascara primers work just like face primers to help your mascara to go on and stay on much more effectively. Primers also help amplify the effects of your mascara by acting as a plumper. We love Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer.

Pick the Right Product

Use a lash-plumping and volumizing mascara that has a good wand. Find a mascara that has boosting lash fullness as its main function. A good lash brush is key as well. It should have ample, well-distributed bristles for effective application. Maybelline Volum' Express Pumped Up! Colossal is a mascara that fits all of these criteria, including a great wand.

Smart Application

Expert application of mascara is key to creating lashes that can pass for falsies. When applying your mascara, make sure to start right at the roots and gently wiggle the wand as you pull the wand upwards in your sweep. Wiggling will help ensure that the mascara coats your lashes the entire 360 degrees around. Apply at least two or three coats, and let dry. Then add a finishing coat to just the tips for a lengthening effect. Use a plain mascara comb or wand to tame out any clumps.

What's your favorite way to fake false eyelashes? Tell us in our comments!

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