There’s nothing quite like the euphoria of trying a new makeup look. The looks and compliments we receive can have us on Cloud 9 for hours (or days). However, there are those of us who are often limited in the looks and products we try as our face, or more specifically our eyes, create somewhat of a roadblock. You know what we’re referring to: puffy, watery eyes, redness and even bumps or dryness. So what’s a makeup-loving girl to do when she’s stuck with sensitive peepers? We asked a few makeup pros to sound off on their tips for dealing with sensitive eyes!

sensitive eyes
Color Block

Tim Quinn, national director of creative artistry for Giorgio Armani, says he avoids certain shades when dealing with tender peepers. “I tend to avoid using anything with red or purple hues, as they can sometimes heighten the sensitivity issue,” he explains. “I also typically advise using a cream-based shadow as there will be no chance of 'fallout.”

Red Control

Makeup removal is a huge priority for those with sensitive eyes and shouldn’t be taken lightly. “I advise clients to avoid waterproof liners and mascaras as they are hard to remove,” says Quinn.

Also, no matter how tired you are, make sure you cleanse your face before you hit the hay. You don’t want to risk getting anything in your eye while you catch those Zs! You might end up seeing red in the morning!

Out With the Old

We totally get the anxiety that comes with throwing away beloved makeup products, but for you sensitive-eyed ladies, it’s a must. Old and expired makeup can wreak havoc on your eyes, so make sure to take note of expiration dates and replace your products in a timely manner. It’s a painful process, but it’s for your own good!

Keep It Clean

Brushes can be carriers of irritation-causing bacteria, so keeping them clean is a non-negotiable for you ladies with sensitive peepers. Make sure to clean them every few days or once a week at the least. Check out these tips on how to clean your brushes the right way!

Hey, sensitive-eyed ladies! What are your tricks to keeping your eyes out of the red? 

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