As we now know, American beauty trends often follow the same pattern: They are over the top. We mean, the 100 layer challenge, anyone? And even then, all parody aside, we sometimes still catch ourselves wearing way too much foundation, blush, perfume or eyeliner. So what can we do minimize the appearance of overkill makeup when we’ve already applied it? Here are four tips we’ve picked up over the years to hide excessive beauty messes – and minimize too much makeup.



Overkill face makeup can be the absolute worst – but here’s the good news: It’s easy to fix, and it will actually wear better throughout the day as the outer layers fade. This is not to say you should apply a ton of foundation – just that you won’t need to a ton of setting spray or powder if you do. And if you want to rid of the effects of overkill face makeup immediately, buff it like crazy with a large powder brush or blending sponge.



If you’ve accidentally coated your lashes too many times – or you’re using an old mascara and end up with clumps – your lashes will end up feeling and looking a lot heavier than they’re meant to, and not in a good way. Get your hands on some disposable mascara wands like these for when your regular tube of mascara is just not cooperating. The disposable wands will separate your lashes evenly and ensure that there’s no excess gunk sticking to them.  


If there is one beauty accessory we could not live without, it has to be Q-Tips. Whether you’re cleaning up excess liner or liquid lipstick, these babies are truly the makeup vacuum we always need around. Pro-tip: You don’t actually need to dip Q-Tips into makeup remover before removing excess lines or uneven edges. Just wait until the messed up portion is completely dry, and firmly drag the Q-Tip across for a clean, new line. It’ll work like a charm. For even more precise removal, try Sephora Do It All Cotton Swabs, which come in three pointy shapes.



Perhaps the biggest overkill beauty mistake we make is putting on too much perfume – it’s also the most annoying to other people. How many times have you left the house and panicked at the fact that your scent is stronger than Axe at a high school dance? Next time you think your scent is overpowering, soak a cotton ball in a little rubbing alcohol and dab it on the places you’ve sprayed. The alcohol will minimize the overpowering scent – but don’t worry: It won’t remove it altogether.

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