Brit Morin Oct 17, 2012
We are sharing the tips, tricks and all the best there is to know about living your life beautifully. In this edition of the seriesBrit Morin of the Beauty Squad rounds up her favorite beauty vloggers. Video tutorials are a really amazing way to get your beauty schooling online. There are all kinds of great tutorials, but I keep a list of go-to video bloggers whom I can constantly rely on to give me tips and tricks that actually work. Today I thought I'd let you in on my top 10 favorites. Kandee Johnson I’m in awe of Kandee Johnson. This mom of FOUR (!) is a makeup artist and stylist to the stars. She has fantastic beauty tips and reviews, as you can see in this glitter lip tattoo video. Her videos and website design aren’t necessarily professional grade, but she is so charismatic that you don’t care. She also makes DIY craft videos, which I’m obviously a huge fan of, as well. Michelle Phan The number-one most-watched beauty blogger on YouTube (and the number-nineteenth destination overall on the video-sharing site), Michelle Phan is one of the most famous vloggers ever. She makes videos on how to get the look of celebrities, like Lady Gaga, and also does basic beauty tutorials for hair and makeup. Annamarie Tendler Newer to the vlogging scene but not the blogging scene is Annamarie Tendler. She is my absolute go-to gal for creative and beautiful looks. The above video is a perfect tutorial on the cat eye, and she’s so cute to watch! Lauren Conrad/The Beauty Department I’m obsessed with TBD. I pin all of its pins and watch all of its videos. The fact that Lauren Conrad is one of the few voices on the site only adds to my obsession. Their videos are so well done and definitely stand out among the competition. Pixiwoo Pixiwoo is made up of two girls who are sisters and business partners! Unlike many of the others on this list, Sam and Nic don’t just do any daytime makeup look. Instead they teach makeup tutorials inspired by celebrities. Their before-and-afters are truly stunning. LoveMaegan I’m constantly inspired by the creativity that comes out of Maegan. She produces her own videos and does a great job at explaining step-by-step instructions (which is super hard in the beauty category as holding hair and a camera is not the easiest feat). I particularly loved her waterfall braid tutorial. This one struck gold on Pinterest, as well. Nikkimae Nikki has been on the vlogging scene for years. What I love about her (apart from her gorgeousness) is that she illustrates just how naturally beautiful black women are and how to accentuate that beauty. Lilith Moon I promise you that the first word out of your mouth when you hit this girl’s YouTube channel will be “WOAH!” She creates some of the most unconventional (but totally awesome) hairstyles I’ve ever seen. Need an example? Check out this video—her take on the “french mermaid cage braid.” Stunning. Luxy Hair Another sister duo, these gals create elegant and sophisticated videos focused on popular hairstyles, like this braided updo or a French twist. They're definitely a must-watch for anyone getting ready for a formal event, like a prom or wedding. Elle and Blair The third sister team on the list, Elle and Blair started out by posting a few simple makeup tutorials on YouTube. Fast-forward years later, and they are now internationally known by millions! I particularly love their “Get Ready With Me!” videos because it’s fun to follow along while you’re doing your own hair and makeup. Who is missing from this list? Let me know in the comments below or find me over on Twitter. I’m always up for adding another subscription to my YouTube queue!




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