Beauty Bloggers Tell All As we enter into the last stretch of 2015, we’re taking a look back at the beauty trends that have taken us from New Year’s beauty resolutions to fall makeup. It’s been a year packed with beauty looks that brought out the makeup artist in us all. From colored eyeliners to highlighting tricks (strobing, anyone?) to the coveted no-makeup makeup look, most of us have seen it — and probably even tried it.

To highlight the crowd favorites, we created a beauty yearbook, so to speak, by identifying 25 top beauty bloggers and asking them the same question: What was the hottest makeup trend of 2015?

We got their expert beauty advice and are sharing their top picks — no surprise that full brows and matte lipstick (the ’90’s beauty version!) made the cut — along with some of their best makeup tips and tricks for getting the looks.

These bloggers are experts on knowing what’s hot — with front-row views into the hottest beauty trends and a steady stream of makeup for testing — and you can be sure these industry pros are only sharing the best of the best with their legions of followers ... us included!

Here’s a peek into the 2015 makeup trends that took the beauty world by storm.

Fave Makeup Tip: Subtle contouring is hot, hot, hot!

Mary Oliver Makeup TipsMary Oliver of Strikeapose
Social Handle: @letsstrikeapose

“Say ‘goodbye’ to noticeably contoured faces and ‘hello’ to naturally sculpted cheekbones. Contouring originally came in looking very dramatic, with obvious techniques that altered the facial structure. In 2015, this trend mellowed to a softer, more understated look. A subtle contour creates the illusion of a more chiseled complexion as opposed to exaggerating it. My advice would be to step away from the bronzer. Suggest the appearance of shadows by using a darker, pressed powder with cooler, brown tones. Stick to matte finishes and avoid shimmer! Shimmer is for highlighting, not contouring. Lastly, make sure to blend it all in well — a subtle look cannot have any harsh, visible lines!” 

Fave Makeup Tip: Revive the ’90’s lipstick trends.

Kristin Booker Makeup TipsKristin Booker of Fashion Style Beauty
Social Handle: 

“As someone who lived through the first iteration of the deep lip colors of the 90s, I can't explain how excited I am that they're back. Although a bit less severe this time, the look is nonetheless incredibly impactful — we're talking all natures of dark berry, brick red and vampy deep scarlets. You'll want to use a matching lip pencil underneath the main lip color to keep it intact and ensure it fades evenly. And don’t forget to layer products properly if you really want the color to last: lip pencil, lipstick, setting powder, blot, repeat.”ar has been all about metallic eyes! I feel like this has been a nice replacement to the traditional smoky eye. The best way to achieve this look is by applying a soft metallic color to the inner corners of your lid and blending a darker metallic shade in the crease and outer corners. It makes such a statement!”

Fall Makeup Tip: It’s all about metallic eyes!

Naty Michele of A Love Affair With Fashion
Social Handle: 

“This year has been all about metallic eyes! I feel like this has been a nice replacement to the traditional smoky eye. The best way to achieve this look is by applying a soft metallic color to the inner corners of your lid and blending a darker metallic shade in the crease and outer corners. It makes such a statement!”

Fave Makeup Tip: Bright-colored lips breathe life into your look.

Rosy Cordero Makeup TipsRosy Cordero of Fab Girl Mag
Social Handle: 

“Women have become much more adventurous with their lip colors. Shades of blue, green, and pink are popping up in lipsticks. They work amazingly with my other favorite trend of 2015, rainbow-colored hair!”

Fave Makeup Tip: Light and bright eyeliners are a must for fall!

Donna Kim Makeup TipsDonna Kim of DONNADAILY
Social Handle: 

“It's fun to expand on the classic cat eye or play with color. I especially love when I see the top liner in a bright hue as opposed to a staple color like black or brown. I also think colored liners can really make your eyes pop and they’re a fun way to add a little spunk to your look. I personally love to line the top part of my lid with a dark blue gel liner ... it’s so pretty!”

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Fave Makeup Tip: “Valencia filter” makeup is the new nude.

Ann Colville Somma Makeup Tips

Ann Colville Somma of Cult of Pretty

Social Handle: @cultofpretty

“First, ditch the inky liner and create a cat eye with brown shadow. Simply line the eye and blend it upward in the outer corners for a barely-there lift. Next, embrace matte lip liner as your everything. Line and fill in the lips and cover them with lip balm (not gloss) for an enhanced lip. Follow with a plush cheek. Try blending in a cream blush with a big brush, top it with sheer setting powder and blend it again. Also, don’t forget this important principle: Perfect brows are drawn not born. Find the thinnest pencil possible and fill in wisps of color. It takes a few seconds longer but the result is natural and polished, not fake and heavy-looking. Set it all with a makeup setting spray — it adds a slightly dewy finish and makes your look last.”

Fave Makeup Tip: Strobing is the “it” trend of the year.

Tatiana Pujol Makeup TipsTatiana Pujol of  We Shop In Heels
Social Handle: @weshopinheels

“We said ‘goodbye’ to contouring and welcomed strobing as the hot new trend in 2015. It's all about the glow! To achieve this look, simply add a few drops of your favorite liquid highlighter to your foundation. You will have that beautiful, healthy glow in seconds!”

Fall Makeup Tip: Try the nude, plumped lip.

Breanna of Mini Marley
Social Channel:@mini_marley

“Whether we want to admit it or not, Kylie Jenner definitely started one of this year’s biggest makeup trends: the plump, nude lip! There are some tips and tricks that can help you fake a full pout. Using your fave nude liner, lightly over-line your lips. But, don’t overdo it! Use the liner to completely fill in your lips for all day staying power. Top this with a nude lipstick that is a shade or two lighter to add dimension to your lips, giving them the illusion of fullness. If you’re a gloss girl, add a bit on top to pump up the plump!”

Fall Makeup Tip: Matte lips have taken over!

Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey
Social Handle: @gorgeousingrey

“Highly pigmented matte lipsticks are a huge trend! From epic reds to wildly seductive plums, matte lippies are a must in your makeup bag.”

Fave Makeup Tip: Look fresh-faced and fabulous with the “no-makeup makeup look.”

Olia Majd Makeup TipsOlia Majd of Love, Olia
Social Handle: @oliamajd 

“Everyone wants that look we had at 17, when we could get away with walking out the door without an ounce of makeup on our faces. The latest trend involves faking it and we're loving it! After washing and moisturizing your face, apply your favorite BB cream all over face for added moisture and light coverage. Dab some cream blush on the apples of the cheeks and lips. Skip the eyeliner and just apply one or two coats of mascara. Comb through your brows and, if needed, use a powder to fill them in a bit, rather than a pencil. Voila! You’ve got a quick no-makeup makeup look!”

Fave Makeup Tip: Forget contouring. Let’s strobe!

Mandy Ferrugia Makeup TipsMandy Ferrugia of A Girl, Obsessed
Social Handle: @mandyferrugia

“What is strobing and why is it the hottest new makeup trend of 2015? Strobing is basically the opposite of contouring. Instead of using dark shades to add shadows to your face, you use highlighters to illuminate the places light would naturally hit on your face (top of the cheekbones, middle of forehead, brow bones, etc). Not only does this trick make you look radiant and fresh, but it also takes less time and makeup than traditional highlighting and contouring.” Do you want to learn more about strobing? Check out our Strobing Makeup Tutorial.

Fave Makeup Tip: 2015 is all about accents, contours and framing!

Jenny Wu Makeup Tips

Jenny Wu of Good, Bad, & Fab

Social Handle: @goodbadandfab

“Think pouty matte lips, defined cheekbones and thick brows! To get statement eyebrows, use a waterproof brow pencil to fill them in. Try not to arch them too much, as straight and thick is the best way to go. For cheekbones, double up on the bronzer (choose one that has a matte finish and is two shades darker than your foundation) and a brightening highlighter to help sculpt and accent your face, creating a luminescent 3D effect. Apply bronzer to the sides of your forehead and face creating a subtle slimming look. Brush highlighter on spots the sun hits naturally for an instant glow. Go bold or go home with your lips! Line them with a lip liner that's a shade darker than your lipstick before applying a berry-colored velvety matte lipstick or gloss. I love matte lips — the staying power is ferosh!”

Fave Makeup Tip: Warm up this fall with molten metallics.

Sarah Breden Makeup TipsSarah Breden of The Beauty Bar
Social Handle: @SarahBreden

“I have been absolutely loving the metallic makeup trend this year. You can keep the look subtle with a sheer wash of shimmering gold across the eyelids, or go very editorial with a metallic bronze hue on the lips. I also love applying metallic cream shadows on the inner corners of the eye. It's an interesting twist on the classic eye-brightening trick.” 

Fave Makeup Tip: Channel your inner ’90’s supermodel.

Beti Sterjoska Makeup TipsBeti Sterjoska of Makeup-Sessions 
Social Handle: @makeupsessions

“The hottest makeup trend in 2015 is definitely the ’90's lip, the signature warm brown that all the supermodels of that decade wore. It’s simple. To create the ’90's lip, all you need is a brown lip liner to define your lips (over-line them slightly, if needed) and a warm brown lipstick, preferably in a matte finish.”

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Fave Makeup Tip: The easiest way to achieve 2015’s hottest beauty trend: strobing.

Katie McBroom Makeup Tips 

Katie McBroom of Martinis and Mascara

Social Handle: @KLMcBroom

“It’s hard to ignore the fact that  “strobing” took the beauty blogosphere by storm this year. Don’t let its fancy name intimidate you, though. If you can highlight, you can strobe! I find creamy highlighter sticks are the easiest to work with to achieve this effect — especially if your goal is to dramatically accent your cheekbones. Simply draw on all the high points of the face, blend well with your finger and you’re good to go! Not ready for the full-on dramatic strobe effect? Mix a few drops of illuminating lotion or highlighter in with your foundation for a more subtle, lit-from-within glow.” 

Fave Makeup Tip: Combine natural, bare nails with negative space art for a chic and trendy look!

Sarah Waite Makeup Tips Sarah Waite of Chalkboard Nails
Social Handle: @chalkboardnails

“Since your nail bed will be peeking through, you want to make sure it’s looking its best! Lightly buff your nails to remove any surface staining and smooth out ridges. And don't forget to apply a base coat. Newbies to the trend can try using white polish to create bold vertical stripes over a bare nail — it's cool, classy and will go well with any style!”

Fave Makeup Tip: Embrace purple lipstick!

Courtney NawaraCourtney Nawara of Phyrra
Social Handle: @phyrra

“The best makeup trend for 2015 is purple lipstick! From soft pinkish-purples for the demure to deep, vampy shades for the wild, there's a purple hue for everyone. I love seeing people embrace bold color.”

Fave Makeup Tip: Strobing!

Kara Manos Makeup TipsKara Manos of Politics of Pretty  [Photo by: Elizabeth Fogarty]
Social Handle: @politics_pretty

“Strobing is all about highlighting your best facial features — literally. Using your fingers, apply highlighter to the areas the sun would naturally hit your face, such as your cupid's bow, brow bones, cheekbones, center of the forehead and the bridge of your nose. It's essentially contouring without the bronzer, and it's so easy! No highlighter in your makeup arsenal? No worries! A radiance-boosting primer or moisturizer serve as good alternatives.”

Fave Makeup Tip: I’m all about moody matte lips for fall!

Ivy BoydIvy Boyd of Wake Up For Makeup
Social Handle: @wakeupformakeup

“One of the strongest fall makeup trends I'm seeing is the ultra-matte lip, particularly in colors that take us back to the ’90s. I'm loving moody mauves, browns, deep oxblood and gothy, blackened purples.”

Fave Makeup Tip: Grab your favorite illuminator and highlight your features by strobing!

Teresa Caruso Makeup TipsTeresa Caruso of Money Can Buy Lipstick
Social Handle: @teresalaucar

“If you're still struggling to master the technique of contouring, there's a new, foolproof trend for highlighting and defining your features: strobing! While contouring involves applying both bronzer and highlighter, strobing exclusively focuses on highlighting. All you have to do is apply a highlighter or illuminator where light would naturally hit your face — cheekbones, cupid's bow, brow bones and the bridge of your nose. Strobing creates a natural, healthy glow and can be easily achieved by anyone! My biggest tip? Opt for a liquid or cream highlighter for an added dewy effect!”

Fave Makeup Tip: Get that post-workout glow long after your sweat sesh with a flushed cheek.

Christine Bibbo Herr Makeup TipsChristine Bibbo Herr of NYCPretty
Social Handle: @nycpretty

“Every girl wants a healthy, rosy glow, especially when the dreary winter months start to creep in. Try a brighter cheek stain this season to get that ‘I just worked out’ look, even if you haven't stepped foot on a treadmill in weeks! It complements the darker fall wardrobe perfectly and will keep you looking fresh-faced 'til next summer.”

Fave Makeup Tip: A good highlighter is your best friend this fall!

Stephanie Flor Makeup TipsStephanie Flor of Around the World Beauty
Social Handle: @StephanieFlor

“Asian beauty trends are taking over. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but today’s greatest beauty products are coming from abroad. That’s why one of my favorite makeup trends for 2015 is all about the highlighter. Since my trip to Japan, I’ve been obsessed with applying highlighter underneath the lower lash line and inner corners of the eye. It’s meant to give the eye a “kawaii” look — that means cute in Japanese. Here’s how you can achieve this look: First, find a highlighter that is a beige or off-white color. Using a small shadow brush, apply it right in the inner corners of the eyes and follow your natural lower lash line, stopping midway. Blend it outward and add a minimal coat of mascara to widen the eyes even more. It’s such an easy way to look more awake, and it’s super effortless and fun.”

Fave Makeup Tip: Focus on the brows.

Christine Wang Makeup TipsChristine Wang of Beautyholics Anonymous 
Social Handle: @fortheloveofme

“Want to look polished and ready to conquer the day? Instead of perfecting your eye makeup, perfect those brows instead! Pencil-thin, Instagram-y brows (super angular and precise — you know the kind) are out. Thick and full brows are in! Instead of just penciling in brows to appear overly sculpted and artificial, soften the arches and ends with a brow spoolie. If you already have thicker brows, keep them groomed and in place with a clear or tinted brow gel."

Fave Makeup Tip: Fake the matte lipstick trend!

Amber Murray Makeup Tips Amber Murray of Beauty Junkies Unite
Social Handle: @beautyjunkies

“Matte lipsticks are super on-trend right now, but sometimes I don’t have the right matte formula or color in my stash. So I’ll apply a cream lipstick that I have, blot lightly with a tissue and apply another coat. I’ll then place a tissue that has a light dusting of translucent powder over my lips. All of a sudden, I’ve got matte lips! It works for me whenever I’m in a pinch."

Fave Makeup Tip: Strobing is the new contouring!

Amber Katz Makeup TipsAmber Katz of Rouge 18
Social Handle: @Glambr

“Strobing is simply the highlighting part of contouring, sans the need for darker sweeps of color on your face. It involves using a shimmer cream on the tops of the cheekbones, above the cupid's bow and on the bridge of the nose to catch the light. Champagne-colored shades are universally flattering for all skin tones!”

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