Shontel Horne Jul 11, 2016

We have a huge confession: If there’s anything we adore as much as a freshly unboxed bronzer or a shiny new lippie, it’s spending time on Pinterest. Our love for the image-sharing social network knows no bounds, and we’d gladly spend hours hunting for the latest looks, trends and products in the world of beauty. If you’re like us and count yourself among the Pinterest-obsessed, these are 15 of the most shared skin care, makeup and hair hacks that you need to save to your beauty boards immediately.

1) Tricks for Lining Your Waterline

Tackle this tricky eyeliner technique in just a few simple steps: How to Line Your Waterline

2) 5 Sneaky Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Younger

Just because we love getting older doesn’t mean we love looking older. These youthful makeup tricks won’t leave you disappointed: How to Look Younger

3) 4 Ways to Make Your Skin Glow

Anyone can get the “lit from within” look if they know these beauty tricks: Glowing Skin Tips

4) 6 Hacks For Your Best Hair

Bad hair days happen to good people, but these hair hacks can keep them to a minimum: Hairstyling Hacks 

5) 10 Tricks for a Perfect Tan Every Time

Achieving a sun-kissed glow has never been easier, and we have 10 tanning tricks to prove it: How to Get the Perfect Tan

6) Ask the Experts: How do I Cover Up Acne Scars?

Treating acne is one thing, but concealing the dark marks left behind is a completely different story. We talked to a beauty pro to find out how to conceal acne scars for good: How to Conceal Acne Scars

7) The 3-Minute Curling Trick

Fans of ADORE this hair trick and for good reason. It’s simple, quick and actually works: Hair Curling Trick

8) The T-Shirt Hair Drying Trick

Ditch the towel and say “so long” to frizz thanks to this genius hack for drying wet hair: T-Shirt Hair Drying

9) How to: DIY Your Pedicure in 10 Minutes or Less!

There is officially no excuse for not having a sandal-friendly pedicure when you can do it yourself in just a few minutes: DIY Pedicure Tips

10) Fresh Face: 3 Tricks to Tame Unwanted Shine

Highlighted cheekbones are great, buy shiny, oily skin is a no-no. Save this pin for the days when you’re shiny in all of the wrong places: How to Control Shine

11) The Tricks for Adding Volume to Fine Hair (Without Teasing)

Don’t think there’s hope for pumping up your thin locks? These volumizing hair tricks are so simple and actually get the job done: How to Add Volume to Fine Hair

12) 3 Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth

 When it’s time to grow out that lob, you’ll be glad you saved this pin: How to Stimulating Hair Growth

13) 1-Minute Makeover: The Longer, Fuller Ponytail

It’s not hard to see why this pin is a hit. Hair tutorials don’t get any easier than this: Double Ponytail Trick

14) Slick Tricks for Oily Skin

5 tips for keeping shine to a minimum while also maintaining the health of your skin: Skincare Tips for Oily Skin

15) 5 Must-Know Tricks to Keep Lipstick From Bleeding

Everything you need to know to keep your lipstick where it belongs … on your lips: Lipstick Application Tips

Is Pinterest also your go-to for all things beauty? Share your favorite makeup look, hairstyle or most-used hack with us below!



About the Author:As the Social Media Strategist for, and an employee of L’Oréal, Shontel dreams up fun ways to engage our loyal followers on social media. She experiments with new forms of storytelling and thrives on bringing the latest makeup trends to our audience in ever-changing ways.

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