There’s no feeling quite like relaxing in a comfy, vibrating chair, feet in a warm bubble bath and a perfectly polished mani in the works. And while we’d love to get this A-list treatment as often as possible, we also like to splurge on other important necessities — like makeup! So, this means we’ve got to pinch our pennies from time to time and master the art of at-home manicures. To make this DIY process a breeze (and also make it look professional), we’ve gathered up some weird nail hacks we’ve learned along the way!

Nail Hacks

Use White Nail Polish As Your Base

If your shade of choice falls on the neon spectrum, apply a layer of white nail polish after your base coat — but before your bright shade — to make it really pop! 

Use an Eyeliner Brush for Decals & Cleanup

While cotton swabs can really come in handy, they’re not quite as thin and precise as an eyeliner brush. Use this slick little tool to clean up any smudges around your nail bed or to create floral decals like this sonic bloom mani.

Line Your Nails With Vaseline Before Painting

Before you even begin your paint job, use your fingers, a cotton swab or your liner brush to apply Vaseline on the skin around your nails and cuticles. The Vaseline will act as a barrier so you can easily wipe away any mistakes your shaky hands make! 

Use a Makeup Sponge to Create an Ombré Mani

Ombré manicures are taking Pinterest by storm, but without a game plan, you could be in for quite the mess. Applying your nail polish gradient directly to the sponge, and then pressing it onto your finger like this will save you plenty of time and one major headache.    

Remove Nail Polish Stains With Toothpaste

While our mood sometimes calls for bright red, deep burgundy and even black nail polish, we don’t love the removal process. Sure, the majority of nail polish comes right off, but then you’re left with stained nail beds and fingertips. To remove dirt, grime and any leftover residue, brush your nails with whitening toothpaste and an old toothbrush until they’re bright and sparkly (just like your smile)!   

Use Household Items to Create Nail Art

Who says you need fancy gadgets and state-of-the-art nail supplies to create pro-worthy nail designs? You can use supplies like tape to achieve clean lines or patterns, or even implement plastic wrap to create a marbled texture.

DIY Matte Nail Polish Using Eye Shadow

Need a quick, cheap and easy way to create your own matte nail polish? Just mix in some clear topcoat with a bit of pressed, powder eye shadow and voila — you’ve got yourself a matte mani. Plus, we know you have a broken eye shadow compact somewhere in the bottom of your makeup drawer so why not put it to good use?!

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