Caitlin Larwood Aug 30, 2012
Tracee Ellis Ross has played many roles in movies and television (she is best known as Joan Clayton in the sitcom Girlfriends), but she’ll tell you overall that she works for her hair. Ross’s look is flawless from her glowing skin to her natural curls—similar to another powerhouse: her mother, Diana. We caught up with Ross at the SoftSheen-Carson launch event for Optimum Salon Haircare 6-in-1 Miracle Oil and got the lowdown on being silly, glowing and the beauty basics the actress learned from the iconic singer. When you think of your beauty routine, what word comes to mind? Moisture. For me the biggest thing for moisturizer for both body and hair is stuff that penetrates. I love a natural glow on the skin. Who is your beauty icon? My mom. She really defined a lot of what I understand about beauty. Through her example—both in the way that she does her own hair and makeup and the way that she is not afraid to be the biggest version of herself—she gave me the message that I could own and embrace my own beauty and I could embrace what I was naturally given. Speaking of the amazing Diana, did she give you any tips for hair and makeup? The first thing to pop into my mind is that she taught me how to put on fake eyelashes. I don’t personally wear them because I wear contacts. I just love mascara. But she did teach me how to put them on! My mom also loves a matte lip. I’m also obsessed with a matte lip. I’m not into gloss and never have been—probably by example of my mother without knowing it. Where did you develop your famous sense of humor? First of all, I’m very grateful when people say I am funny. I would say silly is the better word. I love to laugh and I always have. My real middle name is Joy. My sense of humor developed out of wanting people to be happy and joyful, like myself. What brings you here today for the launch of Miracle Oil? I’m really excited about the launch. I won’t endorse something I don’t believe in. I do what my hair tells me! The oil really penetrates my hair without leaving my hands greasy. I like to spray it in my hair in the shower and then let my curls dry naturally. I’ve also found other uses; I’ve used the oils on my cuticles and even added a squirt of geranium for fragrance and used it as a body moisturizer.

—Caitlin Larwood

Photo: Courtesy of SoftSheen-Carson



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