At, our panel of expert contributors is here to answer your pressing beauty questions. In this article, Craig Wcislo—hair stylist and Kérastase Educator—offers tips on how to transition your hair color from summer to fall.


Now that fall is upon us, it’s time to talk about our hair color options. It’s common to go lighter in the summer—more highlights and a brighter color overall. But then the weather begins to cool and the sun's rays wane, so we go dark again. It’s a dance that happens every year, so why not take the lead and try a hair color you’ve been lusting after for the last few months?

Here are my recommendations for transitioning your hair from summer to fall. Now, go have some fun revamping your look!


Hair Colors For Fall

Add a Glaze to Blonde Hair

For blondes, think about going one of two ways. By now, your highlights are probably lackluster, and as your tan fades, you may start to look washed out. This is the perfect time to get lowlights! Ask your hairstylist to keep some of your strands their current blonde color, but deepen the rest down to a richer caramel. Then glaze the remaining blonde strands with some gold to make them glow. This can be all done with L'Oréal Professionnel Dia Richesse hair color. I love this hair color system because it’s deposit-only and contains zero ammonia—in other words, it won’t damage your balayage-d ends. Lastly, finish with a Kérastase Fusio-Dose treatment for added moisture and color retention.

The next day, after your hair appointment, wash your hair with Kérastase Bain Satin 2 and condition with Masquintense Masque to keep pumping moisture and suppleness into your hair.


Hair Colors For Fall

Try the Auburn Trend

As the leaves change color so should your hair! And hey, why not go for that beautiful red hue you’ve been pining away for? Ask your stylist about L'Oréal Professionnel Inoa Carmilane permanent hair color, and get that brightness with all of the reflection only a ginger can get!

To maintain your newly minted red hair, shampoo with a color-protective formula. I recommend Kérastase Bain Chroma Captive. And then condition your hair with Chroma Captive Fondant. Reds are the hardest tones to keep in the hair, so you’ll want to do everything you can to keep that spicy tone alive while protecting your strands from environmental factors.


Hair Colors For Fall

Add Warmth to Brown Hair

For brunettes who want to try something new, I suggest the L'Oréal Professionnel Majirel French Brown collection. This color system includes ten shades ranging from light to medium dark browns, all with primary, secondary and tertiary tones to create a rich, velvety softness that oozes sophistication. Perfect for reinventing yourself, the color tones also range from subtle warmth to matte softness.

Follow your hair appointment with Shu Uemura paraben- and sulfate-free Color Luster Range of shampoos and conditioners, and voilà—you’re all set for autumn!



Do you plan on updating your hair color this season? Let us know which color in the comments below!


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