It’s no secret that the appearances of women can often become a battle of the sexes. And although most of us are at least moderately interested in appearing attractive to members of the opposite sex, it certainly is not our primary function. Which is why we find it to be so darn funny when guys voice their disdain against beauty trends that are popular among women. Of course, there are occasions that call for taking their opinions into consideration: date night, for example. Otherwise, we say rock what makes you happy. Want to know the top trends many men despise but women love? Who better equipped to tell you than the male friends and boyfriends of the beauty experts on Team MDC!

dark lipstick
1. Dark Lipstick
Brown, blue, black and purple lipsticks are all the rage among the lipstick lovers this season. But the trend seems to do very little in terms of sex appeal for guys. When the writer of this article wore the Nyx Simply Vamp Lip Cream in She Devil Deep Plum to the office, the women fawned all over it. As for the men? Well, some of them laughed. No kidding. Similar colors elicit similar results among the male crowd. “Black lipstick makes me want to turn off the lights and not leave my house for 10 years,” says Sean, boyfriend of editor Diana Crisan.

2. Pixie Cuts
The pixie cut is a daring-yet-adorable look that several of us have tried at one point or another. It’s certainly not for everyone, but the members of Team MDC are big fans — huge. Alas, it’s no surprise to us that many guys prefer longer hair, and they aren’t afraid to voice it. “Pixie cuts are no fun,” says Matthew, who is particularly well versed in women’s hair trends as his wife is a professional hair stylist. “If you try to pull on her hair and she has a pixie cut, it doesn’t seem sexy — it seems like you’re a bully in elementary school.”

3. Bangs
From Zooey Deschanel to Jennifer Garner, some of our favorite celebs are rocking bangs these days. It certainly is an easy way to switch up your look, but they don’t seem to be appreciated by the male set.  “Bangs can work for some women, but they’re difficult to pull off,” says friend Cris, whose girlfriend wore bangs a couple years back. “The cut has to be just right to lay effortlessly on your forehead. And after a few weeks, they seem to just become an annoying accessory. Plus, greasy bangs are not a good look.”

His girlfriend Liz doesn’t altogether disagree. “As a profoundly lazy person, I love the fact that bangs are a built-in accessory, but it’s for the reasons Cris mentioned (greasiness and constant upkeep) that I eventually grew them out. But it certainly was not because they lacked the ‘effortless grace and beauty’ to which my diva of a boyfriend is referring,” she says.

4. Ombré
When done right, we love the ombré look for its effortless, sun-kissed appeal. And while it seems to us men generally go ga-ga for the “effortless” girl-next-door look, apparently ombré stands out as too effortless. “I’m ready for ombre hair to be out of style,” says Matthew. “Intentionally looking like you can’t afford to get your hair done is weird.” MDC’s site director Caitlin Larwood’s boyfriend Evan seconds that motion. “I think too many colors in hair can be a lot to take in,” says Evan. “To me, simple beauty is always preferred. However, the most important thing is for her to feel confident and great!”

5. Sticky Lip Gloss
A sticky lip gloss means it’ll generally stay stuck — which sounds like a great benefit to us! We love a good glossy stain, but some men hate it as much as we love it. Just because we want it stuck on our lips does not mean they want it stuck on theirs!’s Erin Laine’s boyfriend won’t even let her kiss him if she has lip gloss on. “He’ll say ‘No, you have stuff on your lips!’ ” she tells us. And even if guys don’t so much mind a little gloss left on their lips from a smooch, some of them simply don’t like the way lip gloss can look. “Lip gloss is great but everything in moderation,” says Matthew. “I really don’t like when her lips are shining like they’re made out of plastic.”

Forget the boys! Which of these trends is YOUR fave?
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Photography: Joshua M. Shelton
Makeup: Emma Willis
Model: Carrlyn Bathe

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