Julia DiNardo Dec 29, 2011
Inspired by the plethora of ponytail iterations on the spring 2012 runways, we enlisted the help of two hair experts to share quick and easy ways of doing the pulled-back style that's anything but basic.

#1: The "70's Soft" Ponytail

Lightly tease the top of the hair with a comb, leaving the ends of the hair looking loose and natural. Separate the hair into two parts; from the top of the crown to the ears, pull into a loose, high volume ponytail. Take the bottom section of the hair and attach it to the top ponytail with a hair band. Curl the ponytail with a one-inch curling iron in pieces. Once the curls have set, brush them through with a flat brush. "This will give the ponytail a wave, inspiring a 1970’s look," says Fabrice Gili, Creative Director of the Frédéric Fekkai SoHo Salon. Use a light glaze such as Fekkai Salon Technician Care Anti-Fade Top Coat to hold the look and get all hair away from the front of the face or spritz with a little hairspray and leave natural.

# 2: The "Ballerina" Ponytail

  Apply a volumizer to the roots of wet hair. Blow dry and use a flat brush to make the hair straight. Put the hair into a tight high ponytail right above the ears; when placing it, check your profile to ensure it is in the right position, suggests Gili. Keep the look straight and tight by using a flat iron through the rest of the hair once it is placed in the high ponytail.

#3: The "Part With It" Ponytail

Do a deep side part, and then sweep the ponytail to the middle of the back of the head right above the occipital bone, says Tonino Cipriano, stylist at Cutler 57th Street Salon. "This will make it stick out a little more for a nice, sexy look."

#4: The "Glam and Grungy" Ponytail

Secure the top of your hair—starting from the front to 3/4 of the way back—out of the way. Take all the hair underneath, wet it and slick it back into a ponytail. Take the top part, tease it a bit to give it height and then pull into the rest of the ponytail. This glamorous ‘do looks great with strong makeup.

#5: The "It's a Wrap" Ponytail

Braid a ribbon (in your favorite color) into the hair.  Extensions with diamonds can also be added and wrapped around the ponytail for an elegant, chic look, says Cipriano. Will any of these become your new go-to ponytail style?  


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