You may live for that Chinese symbol on your left shoulder blade or the star constellation on your ankle, but your bridezilla of a best friend or the head of human resources at your dream job may not be as appreciative of your ink. Don't fret! Christina Ballinger, a contributor for who has her fair share of tats, allowed us to test out three quick and easy ways to temporarily please everyone. P.S. For some serious tattoo coverage inspiration, check out this INSANELY AMAZING video of the inked-up gentleman in the photo above disguising his 100% REAL tats with Dermablend makeup. Now, it's your turn...

Method #1: Concealer + Setting Spray

Products Tested: Ben Nye Total Conceal-All Wheel, Ben Nye Final Seal Spray

Application: Custom create your exact skin match by mixing shades from the color wheel. Pat down color using a synthetic concealer brush or foundation brush (depending on the size of the tattoo), and make sure to blend the edges. Add a second layer to ensure coverage of darker ink (apply just over the tattoo using edges of the brush). Allow to dry, and finish with the setting spray. Pros: The best for coverage! You also have the most control over the placement of product when using a cream concealer. Product dries and stays put. Cons: This technique would be very time-consuming for a larger tattoo. Meanwhile, the matte finish may not be the look you are going after. Test of Time: Lasted ALL night! Didn’t budge.

Method #2: Airbrush

Products Tested: Luminess Air Matte Foundation and Clear Translucent Powder

Application: Squeeze drops of airbrush foundation into stylus (the nifty airbrushing tool). Evenly spray the entire area you want to cover. Once dry, set with translucent powdery. Pros: This method resulted in the best finish! Ideal for concealing larger tats on a photo shoot, skin looked luminous and natural, not too matte or powdery. Cons: It took  a very long time to dry and even once dry, product still had a little slip to it—not ideal for hugging the bride or groom at a wedding! Test of Time: This method lasted the least amount of time, but the natural finish almost made it worth it. AND THE WINNER IS...

Method #3: Liquid Tattoo Cover-up + Powder + Setting Spray

Products Tested: Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer, Make Up For Ever HD Powder, Clarins Fix’ Make-Up

Application: Evenly spread tattoo concealer in your shade over area with a brush or sponge. Using fingers, tap extra concealer over darker ink, pressing product into skin. Allow to dry and then reapply. Once the second layer is completely dry, set with HD powder to cut shine and spritz with finishing spray. Pros: This boasted the quickest application, plus the product blended easily into skin. Cons: Not as opaque as the cream but still gave a more natural finish. Test of Time: Lasted all night...and then some! How do you disguise your tattoos?


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