NY Fashion Week (Spring 2012) recently ended and aside from the burning desire to purchase literally everything I saw on the runway (can you blame me?), I was struck by the amazing makeup styles featured this season. As I sat there with my typical “I swear I’m never straying from nudes” natural look—I decided it was time for an experiment. Who cares that I’m not a makeup artist, you never know where your talents lie until you try! I settled on a look sported by a LAMB model at Fall 2011 NY Fashion Week (If I'm going to go all wild and crazy, I should at least be season-appropriate). Although this isn’t something I would rock to the office, it was attention grabbing and a serious challenge—and who doesn’t love that? Resisting my temptation to head to Sephora and have the experts do me up, I grabbed some supplies. It was go time. Step 1: Load your bases Since the eyes are what it’s all about, I didn’t spend much time on my face. I simply applied a little primer (L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base is my favorite—it softens the skin, hides those pores, and zaps shine), and dusted a little Bare Minerals Foundation on top. I swept a rosy blush on the apples of my cheeks for a natural flush. Step 2: Prep the eyes The last thing you want with a look like this is blue shadow fading and lingering in creases, so I applied shadow primer (Maybelline Instant Age Rewinding Primer is made for your entire face, but works perfect on just the eyes) and tapped extra powder under my eyes to ward off crinkling. Step 3: Focus on the basics Although I was itching to dive into the blue, I decided to slow down and focus on the subtle details: eyeliner and eyebrows (watch out makeup world, I think I just might be learning…). My eyebrows are light, so I used a natural pencil to make them slightly darker and more defined, and then applied Jouer Highlighter in Tiare from my lash line all the way to the peak of my brows to make the shape more pronounced. For liner, I used a thin black Nars pencil, tracing from the middle of my top lash line to the inner corner of my eye. I then started from the middle again and used a heavier hand going to my outer eye to make my peepers pop. Step 4: Nail down the brown I have to admit, this was the most difficult step. With an eye shadow blending brush, I applied a Lancome matte chocolate brown shadow from the  Haute Sunset Eye Shadow Quad to my crease, focusing on the outer section of my eye. Trick: Start light and build gradually (this will help ensure you don’t use an entire bottle of makeup remover trying to create this look—which I obviously didn’t do…or did I?). I continued to layer and blend the shadow so it finished a notch above my crease, blended up to my brow bone in the inner section and lower outer corner of my eye. P.S. This looks pretty funny prior to the blue, but don’t you worry... Step 5: Go blue Now it’s time for the fun part. Using a clean blending brush, I applied Aquadisiac MAC eye shadow to my inner eyelid (don’t by shy, use a thick hand and get that color going) and blended it into the brown—only slightly—and made sure to stick only to the inner area. I then grabbed an eyeliner brush, and starting from the inner section right below my eye, traced a thick blue line and let it fade out about an inch. I repeated these steps twice to make sure the blue was in full affect, and viola! I looked like a runway model. Well…kind of. Step 6: Touch up In all honesty, there was loose blue powder speckled on my face, my eyeliner was a bit smudged, and the bags under my eyes started to make an untimely reappearance. So I grabbed my eyeliner, retraced my lines—adding a very subtle line to my lower lashes as well—and smudged the pencil with a Q-tip for a less harsh look. I then reapplied face powder just below my eyes, tapping very gently as to not mess up my handy work. The last step? A pretty pale pink pout. Any gloss will do, but I like C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Mint—it doubles as a breath freshener, and with a hot look like this, you'll probably need it! So, do you plan on trying out runway eye makeup?


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