Julia DiNardo Oct 20, 2011
The INCREDIBLE “Lethal Love” manicure (called that because it is “dangerously beautiful, 70's chic, and Brigitte Bardot-inspired”) that I spotted backstage at the Spring 2012 Jen Kao fashion show blew my mind. The magnificent mani featured a gradation of two shades—black plus blue, red, or green—airbrushed onto pointy press-ons. After seeing these talons I had to figure out how I could DIY at home. Wanda Ruiz of CND, broke it down for me step-by-step: Step 1: Apply one coat of clear base coat. Step 2: Swipe on a bright primary color (like blue, red, or green) from the bottom 1/3 of the nail to the tip. Step 3: Next, brush on a light layer of black polish starting at the cuticle and sweeping half way up the nail. Step 4:  While the polish is still damp, apply a clear top coat from the cuticle line to 2/3 of the way up the nail to diffuse colors and achieve the airbrushed, ombre effect.


Soooooo, my try didn’t look exactly like the runway version, but I still thought it was quite rocker chic and way simpler to do than I’d originally anticipated. Satisfied with my new creation, I showed it off to some of my family members: "It looks like the water from Planet Earth's 'Deep Sea' episode.  Just when the nails look all black, like water thousands of feet below, there is an outline of blue," said one friend. “'Lethal Love' is a good name for it ‘cause it looks like you impaled five little Smurfs... but I like how the blue and the black fade into each other almost like a sort of oil spill seeping from the nail bed,“ added a family member. My friend Bryann also gave her fingers the Jen Kao DIY and said, “It turned out pretty cool, and was surprisingly easy too.” What do you think, would you try the “Lethal Love” manicure? 


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