How to Do Natural Eyeshadow: Tuesday Tutorial

Dramatic winged eyeliner and glamorous smoky eyes may be the standouts of your beauty repertoire, but we can’t forget about the natural look! To achieve flawless natural eyeshadow, we asked LA-based makeup artist Elle Leary to open up her bag of beauty tricks.

Before we break it down, keep in mind “natural eye makeup is all about blending and using colors in the same families.” Leary also recommends using matte to semi-matte shadows. While a little sheen is fine, anything too sparkly will end up looking more dramatic. To create an au naturel eyeshadow look simple follow the steps listed below!

How to Do Natural Eyeshadow

1. Step

Choose 3 shadows in varying shades of the same color family. Try an eyeshadow palette like Maybelline ExpertWear Eyeshadow or Claudio Riaz Chicago Palette that will take all the guesswork out of color selection. (We used Natural Smokes, but pick one that works well with your coloring.)

2. Step

Apply a wash of the lightest color from lash line to brow bone.

3. Step

Apply a slightly darker color to lid.

4. Step

Using your darkest shade and a light hand, blend the shadow into the crease.

5. Step

Finally, take Leary’s advice and “blend, blend and then blend again” until all shadow lines are blurred and you’ve achieved what looks like an effortless wash of color across the eye. 

Complete Your Natural Look

Finish off your shadow with a little liner that stays as close to the lash line as possible along with a coat of mascara and voilà—you’re good to go!


Are you a fan of the natural look? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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