We know that sometimes your attention wanders away from your workload to other diversions—like how to get glammed up for drinks and dinner when stuck in at a desk. But what about those nails? That office-appropriate, pink polish is looking pretty staid for a night on the town. Luckily a party-perfect mani is as close as a raid in the office supply closet. You bring the polish and CND’s co-founder, Jan Arnold provides the tips to creating a design that is a true work of art. GRAB: Post-it note “Create a playful striped pattern with the help of your Post-its,” explains Arnold. Place the sticky-side against the nail to hold it in place and paint from nail to paper for the perfect line (just like painters’ tape). Then repeat as many times as you want with different colors to create a linear style. “Try color blocking with my new favorite combo: red and fuchsia,” says Arnold. (Try CND Color Raspberry Parfait with OPI Cha-Ching Cherry). GRAB: Hole puncher Make a bare moon manicure using a hole puncher. Snip about 5 holes along the sticky edge of a Post-it note, then cut each hole in half affixing each arc to the base of the nail. Polish that area with a vivid oxblood red, midnight blue, or any other bold hue you choose. Once dry, peel away the circle and cover the entire nail with a shiny top coat for a patent leather effect. GRAB: Letter opener Chips? A less-than-perfect polish job? Keep a clear sparkle polish in your desk drawer to apply over top of the old polish, then run the tip of the letter opener around the entire edge of the nail to clean stray glitter. (Try Essie’s dazzling Luxe Effects polishes such as Set In Stone.) GRAB: White Out Fix a French manicure that’s seen better days with a light application of White Out along the tip of the nail. Buff out the grainy texture with a buffing block. (Try CND’s Glossing Buffer.)


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