Kristen Oldham Feb 25, 2013
If you can't get enough of Pinterest and wish you had more time to find the best beauty looks on the photo-sharing site, this column is for you. Each week we highlight a coveted makeup technique, hairstyle or nail design with a popular following, and get the tips and tricks for creating it from the person behind the original pin. For this edition we fell in love with this unique take on a side plait. Part twist, part braid, this playful hairstyle was a happy accident created by mommy beauty blogger Abby Smith of Twist Me Pretty. "I was just messing around one day and happened upon it," she says. "It doesn't take long to master, but you do need to practice a few times to get the steps down." Here she shares what you need to do to create the look. Step 1: Apply a heat protectant to strands. Try: Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique. Step 2: Quickly curl your hair using a curling iron or wand. Try: José Eber 25mm Clipless Curling Iron. Don't worry about making the curls perfect. "We don't care so much about the curls here as we do the texture the curls create," Smith says. "Curling your hair first is so important because it creates the foundation of your hairstyle. It gives your hair volume and texture." Step 3: Tease your roots a bit to create even more volume. Step 4: Sweep your hair over to one side. Step 5: Split your hair in half and twist both sections of hair toward each other. Tip: "I like to roll the hair around my pointer fingers," Smith says. Step 6: Hold both twisted sections together in your nondominant hand. Use the pointer finger of your dominant hand to poke through the top of the twists horizontally in order to split them into two new sections. Step 7: Repeat the inward twisting, poking and splitting down the length of your hair. "The key is to not worry about making it perfect," Smith says. "This hairstyle is so pretty because it's messy. If you mess up on the steps, it doesn't matter. Just keep going. It'll probably make your hairstyle that much prettier." Step 8: While you're holding the ends of your now "braided" hair with one hand, use your other hand to pull at the twisted sections in order to loosen them up a bit for a more lived-in finish. This is "where the magic happens," Smith says. Tip: "The more you tug on your braid, the thicker it will be, but the faster it will fall out," Smith says. Step 9: Spritz on some loose-hold hair spray. Try: Garnier Fructis Style Flexible Control Anti-Humidity Aerosol Hairspray. Step 10: Secure the ends of your hair with a clear elastic.

Photos: Courtesy of Twist Me Pretty



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