Blogger and hairstylist Stephanie Brinkerhoff of Hair and Makeup by Steph didn't stop at creating one gorgeous ponytail to turn to when she needed to dress things up a bit. Instead she designed 10 go-to sophisticated styles. She shared those ponytails with her readers, and this twisted version quickly gained popularity on Pinterest. Here she tells us how to get the look—in a flash. Step 1: Blow-dry your hair straight and create a side part. Step 2: Separate out a two- to three-inch section of hair on the fuller side next to your part. Step 3: Clip the rest of your hair out of the way. Step 4: Use a backcombing comb to tease the backside of the section. Then smooth over the top of the section to conceal the teased area. Try: Tool Structure 3 Row Styling Comb. Tip: If you don't backcomb it, the section will lay flat to your head and the twist won't look as prominent. Step 5: Split the section into two horizontal parts and twist them together. Tip: “The front piece (closest to your hairline) should go over the back piece first,” Brinkerhoff says. Step 6: Once you reach the back of the crown of your head, secure the twist with a bobby pin. Note: The bobby pin is temporary as you’ll remove it later. Step 7: Remove the clip from the rest of your hair and secure all of it into a ponytail using a thick elastic. Try: Scünci No Damage Thick Hair Elastics. Tip: “The thick hair elastics are great for no slippage," Brinkerhoff says. "I just make sure to wrap it as many times as it will go, and sometimes I double up for extra support." Step 8: Remove the temporary bobby pin you used to keep your twist intact. Then set the look with the finest mist of hair spray for light hold. Try: Kérastase Resistance Double Force.

Photo: Courtesy of Hair and Makeup by Steph


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