We love a good dynamic duo: Thelma & Louise, Romy & Michele, peanut butter and chocolate. And the thing about a solid pair is that they must work best together. The same goes with makeup. We got our hands on a few beauty duos (thanks to our friends at the brands) that are great on their own, but pure magic together. With double the product, comes double the makeup payoff. Each can be used in multiple ways to achieve endless new looks. Plus their simple designs mean uncomplicated application techniques that can get you fully made up and out the door in mere minutes. A bonus for those of us that are a wee bit sluggish in the morning. Another bonus? Their size makes them the perfect portable for your travel bag and stashing in your purse for mid-day or post-work day touch-ups. Check out our current two-toned obsessions and find out how to make them work on your beautiful face.

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Duo Stick

What It Is: You know those liquid lip-and-cheek stains you’re addicted to? Well, they just got a cool cousin. Featuring two compatible shades that can be used separate or blended together, this handy little cheek balm stick can be swiped on the lips and/or cheeks for some quick, blendable color on the go that leaves a matte finish.

How to Use It: Pick which side of the stick you want to rock on the lips or cheeks and swipe it on accordingly. This product is pretty pigmented, so make sure to start with a light layer of color and build until you get the intensity you want. If you want a cool fusion of the two shades, run the middle of the stick along lips or cheeks then blend gently with your fingers. Or on the cheeks, use both shades, with the lighter shade placed above the apple of the cheeks and the darker one on the apple itself, then blend with a brush or with fingers to achieve a subtle gradation and blush effect.

Quick Tip: If you want an ombre lip look, use a lip brush to apply one shade along the outer half of the lips and apply the second shade to the inner, middle portion of the lips. Blot until the color transition takes an ombre effect.

Product Pick: Kiss & Blush Duo Stick

 Maybelline Face Studio Master Contour V-Shape

Maybelline Face Studio Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick

What it is: At this point contouring is about as common as blush, right? It seems like there’s a new product popping up every day that helps us better chisel and sculpt those cheekbones. However, we don’t know that we’ve ever seen a two-toned contour stick quite like this. With a highlighter and bronzer directly adjacent to each other, this little stick is literally a one-stop, mistake-proof shop, making it perfect for contour newbies or pros alike.

How to Use It: Take the dark/contour side of the stick and run it along the jawline, hallows of the cheeks and the hairline (if you want to minimize the forehead). Use a cosmetic sponge or blender to buff out the contour so there are no visible lines and the color transition is natural. Then, take the lighter part of the stick and run along the high points of the face, including the top of the cheeks and bridge of nose. Again, buff it out well.

Quick Tip: Use this handy little stick to brighten up the eye area on those days you can use a little pick-me-up. Using your finger or a narrow/angled eye shadow brush, apply a small amount of the highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes.

Product Pick: Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Eyeshadow

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Paints Eyeshadow

What It Is: We know all about liquid lipsticks, but it looks like liquid eye shadows are gearing up to take their thunder (or share it, at least). Just like their lip-centric counterparts, liquid eye shadows deliver highly pigmented color that’s long-lasting and meant to stand out. And if one color wasn’t bold enough, L’Oréal created a dual-sided product featuring two super-colorful shades that can be worn on their own or together for a cool two-toned eye look.

How to Use It: Swipe the eye shadow onto the lid using your finger, the applicator or dot the color on the back of your hand and use a makeup brush to apply for a sheer finish.. Blend it out by gently tapping with your finger. If you’re using both shadows, wait for the first color to dry, before working in the second. Focus the lighter shade on the whole lid and use the darker close to the lash line or smudged at outer corners and creases.

Quick Tip: Go for a unexpected two-tone eye look by swiping one color on the top lid and a thin line of the second shade along the lower lashline. Blend them both out for a slightly smoky look. Or use the lighter shade just on the inner corners of the eyes and the darker shade on your lids. It’s about options, baby.

Product Pick: Infallible Paints Eyeshadow

 NYX Ombre Blush

NYX Ombre Blush

What It Is: Okay, you’ve heard of ombre lips and ombre eyes — but ombre cheeks? Yes, it’s a thing! Why can’t cheeks get in on some of the fun! Featuring two well-blended shades, this unique blush product delivers multidimensional color to cheeks.

How to Use It: Making sure the lighter shade makes it onto the inner half of the brush (and the darker shade on the outer portion of the blush), swipe the blush onto the cheeks starting at the apples and working upward. The goal is to get the lighter shade onto the upper/outer part of the cheeks so the color makes a gradual and natural transition. But the color also looks equally gorgeous when swirled together on the end of a fluffy blush brush, and then swept onto apples of the cheeks and back along your cheekbones to your hairline.

Quick Tip: Short on time and need some shadow? Using an eyeshadow brush, swipe some blush on the lids and blend it out for a quick and easy makeup look. Try the darker shade on lids and creases and the lighter one on inner corners and under lower lashes.

Product Pick: Ombre Blush


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