Deven Hopp Oct 15, 2013
uncommon makeup tricks Think you’ve got brow shaping down cold? Think you’ve tried every concealer trick in the book? We’ll see. From mascara to manicures, we’ve got plenty of insider tricks tucked away that may surprise you. But we know you don’t have time to scour our entire website, so we’ve rounded up four of the best morsels of makeup knowledge that you need to know (and should start applying) today.

1. For Natural-Looking Eyebrows, Fill Them in Like This…

Eyebrows should not be the exact same color and strength throughout; that doesn’t look natural. Just look in the mirror at your bare brows, they’re not even from end to end. When filling in your brows, think ombre–rather than color block. They should start off soft, become darker and more defined in the middle (at the arch) and then fade out again at the end. Two-shade brow shaping products make this technique easier than ever. Try Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo or Urban Decay Brow Box.

2. For Maximum Concealer Coverage, Apply it This Way…

When covering the really tough spots (scars, birthmarks tattoos, or the occasional set of seriously dark circles) use a cream concealer and don’t use your fingers to apply it. The natural oils on your fingers can thin out the coverage. Use a flat concealer brush (pick one with synthetic bristles like Lancôme Concealer Brush #8) instead. Pack one side of the brush with concealer and pat on; use the clean side to blend the edges.

3. For a Fast-Drying, Smudge-Proof Manicure, Apply Polish Like This…

If your typical nail polish application is two coats of color directly followed by top coat, we’ve got a better method for you. Instead of two coats, try three–three thin coats. Three thin layers of polish dry faster than two thick ones. But don’t seal it all in just yet– smudges often occur when the top coat has dried, but the layers of polish underneath it have not. If you have the time, wait to apply top coat until the polish is at least somewhat dry, which shouldn’t be long given your handy new technique.

4. For a Mess-Free Mascara Application, Apply it This Way…

Ever end up with little black mascara dots on your eyelids? Then it’s time to work this simple trick into your repertoire. Curl eyelashes, apply mascara to your bottom lashes, then go back and hit the top lashes with mascara. Curl first to avoid catching any already-mascaraed lower lashes in the crimp. Prevent further mascara-all-over-the-eye-area mishaps by flipping the brush vertically and using the tip to apply bottom mascara. Do you have any other makeup tricks we should know about? Share them below. Photos: Thinkstock


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