mhendrix Feb 14, 2012
When it comes to the beauty obsessed—editors, publicists, bloggers and makeup pros—we’re known to be a notoriously fickle bunch. We’re constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest, swapping out face creams as quick as a piece of stale bubble gum or casting aside a blindingly neon lip color because it was “so five minutes ago.” But aside from these dalliances, there are certain favorites that we'll forever cherish. In honor of Valentine's Day, we’re sharing our longest-lasting beauty relationships. Kim Daly, freelance beauty writer and blogger at "My love for Chanel No. 5 goes back for generations. I discovered the feminine floral scent on my grandmother's dresser as a small child. She received her first bottle on her 16th birthday and it had remained her signature. When my grandmother dabbed some on my three-year-old wrists, I was instantly a grown-up. And to this day, anytime I want to feel sophisticated and lady-like, I'll wear Chanel No. 5." Patricia Reynoso, Director of Lancome Public Relations "I’m devoted to my colorist, Shari Harbinger at Devachan, who saved me from a hair color disaster nearly 12 years ago. I walked in thinking I’d be doomed to inky black hair forever and instead, I walked out with the golden brown/amber/honey-colored hair that I thought only J.Lo and Cindy Crawford could have. Now, we have our routine down to a science. I sit, she checks out the current state of my hair color, we strategize and then we’re onto talking about more important things, like vacation plans, the best wine and my twins (who weren’t even born when I started seeing her!)" Tim Quinn (@TimQuinnbeauty), Celebrity Makeup Artist for Giorgio Armani Beauty "I can honestly say that I have used Borghese Fango Mud since I was in college we used to have fango parties and play with the Ouija board! I still use it occasionally to this day—and it brings me back to a time when I had no hectic schedule and carefree days with no bills of my own. (I used Dad's Amex!) It always brings not just a glow to my skin, but also a smile!" Chelsea Simmons, Account Coordinator at Coburn Communications "Oddly enough, I started using Boots Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum when the brand first came to the U.S. I was 18 and obsessed with the fact that it was a British brand and I was the first of my friends to know about it. Once I actually tried it, I fell in love because no matter how much damage I put my face through, the slightest bit of the serum makes my skin smooth and silky. Now, five years later, this is the only product that is a staple in my beauty routine, and—in an ironic twist—I’m now a publicist for the brand." Ayren Jackson-Cannady, beauty writer and editor, "My longest lasting beauty relationship was with Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Body Splash, which I kept a stash of from about 10th grade (pre-beauty editor days!) to like 25 years old. The relationship was so serious that to this day I get all weepy when I smell it. Not really...okay, really."


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