Jul 24, 2013
beauty news Every week we round up our favorite new stories from around the Web…because there’s no such thing as too much beauty! Do undereye bags make you look younger? xoVain investigates the latest Asian beauty trend. –xoVain If this heat wave’s making your skin thirst for moisture, these coconut water infused products will get the job done. –BeautyBloggingJunkie Lips and tips? Here’s how to coordinate your lipstick to your manicure.Beautylish Watch how to get summer’s “coolest” manicure—ice cream cone nails. –BeautyHigh Growing out your hair? Here are 8 styles for that in-between stage. –Daily Makeover Hollywood dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu shares how to eat your way to beautiful skin. –DailyGlow   Photos: Thinkstock


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