Diana Crisan Nov 3, 2015

If you haven’t noticed, braids are completely taking over this season — and going way beyond your basic plaits. From a beach-side braided bun that works all-year round, to a double-braid pony, it’s safe to say we’ve been bitten by the braid bug! And while all these styles may look complicated, they’re much, much easier than you think.  Check out this three-step tutorial for understated, braided-bangs — no bangs required!

Braid Tutorial 

Step 1. Spritz your strands with an all-over thickening spray like Kérastase Materialiste for added texture and a fuller-looking braid. Then grab a 3-inch section of hair — starting at the hair line by your ear — and begin braiding up and across toward the opposite ear.

Step 2.
Continue the braid all the way through the section of hair and secure tightly with an elastic band. Be sure to pin the braid down close to your ear, so your braid doesn’t become too loose at the end.

Step 3.
To really get that faux-bang look, tug lightly at the plaits with your fingers to give your crown lots of volume! Set your look with Kérastase Laque Couture and you’re ready to go!

If you’re looking for some more braid inspo, check out 
The Couture Book of Braids by Kérastase!

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Photo: Lauren Rote
Hair: Craig Wcislo
Model: Rebecca Atkinson



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