Dec 6, 2013 Spotlight

5 Unexpected Beauty Looks to Try Now

unexpected beauty
Here at MDC, we think that the best part of beauty is trying the latest products and experimenting with new looks. With that in mind, this week we’re bringing you five unexpected—and perhaps even a bit unusual—new beauty tips to try. Let us know in the comments what you think—who knows, they might even become part of your new signature look!
  1.  Upside-down smoky eye. –xoVain
  2.  Sienna Miller inspired rose gold hair. –BeautyHigh
  3.  Nail-polish perfume. –
  4.  Red (yes red) blush. –BeyondTheRow
  5.  Blurred lips. –Allure
Photo: Rachel Zoe Fall 2013, GoRunway


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