Caitlin Larwood Jul 9, 2013
Summer is here and the healthy glow is in. Yes, we are talking about that subtle hint of peachy pink radiating on your cheeks. With the right application, you can leave people wondering how you managed to achieve that perfect level of flushed without sitting in the sun or turning on the heat. Start with a peachy pink shade of blush. Team MDC had a blast trying Lancôme’s latest blush “Blushing Trésor,” a universal shade that flatters all skin tones, which launches today on the Lancôme website. We spoke with Lancôme National Makeup Artist Ricardo Costales who gave us three tips to rock that just been kissed (and we don’t mean sun-kissed) glow. To achieve the full naturally blushing look, one must find the balance between eyes, lips and cheeks. Here are his tricks:
  • A Well-Balanced Look: To be a true blushing beauty, Costales advises us not to forget to highlight the eyes. A peachy pink blush shade makes a great dust-on eye shadow. Just rub a bit on your finger and apply lightly just below the brow line.
  • Lip Tip: Drop the smallest drop of water into the corner of a blush palette. Using your finger, apply the more saturated, richer color to your bottom lip and push lips together to blend color throughout. Ta da!
  • Go Beyond the Face: Costales also recommends a light dusting of natural peachy pink blush on the front of your neck and the tops of your ear lobes, especially when wearing hair pulled back.
There you have it—the full flushed look with just one product and a few simple steps. Have a favorite peachy-pink blush you swear by? Share in the comments below or tweet us at @makeupdotcom!


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