Jordan Reid Jun 19, 2012
Every season, I see a handful of the same looks—red lipstick! smoky eyes! cat eyes! big lashes!—recycled again and again and again. But some of these go-to looks, tired though you may be of hearing about them, are here to stay. Why? Because gorgeous makeup stands the test of time. Here is a rundown of my very favorite classics, with easy updates to launch them into the here and now.  

1. Red Lipstick

  Oh, red lipstick. I love it so. It can be totally intimidating, I know. But find your perfect shade and texture, and you will be sold. For life. (That’s me, wearing my go-to red.) The fact is that red lipstick isn't going anywhere. It's a trend that just won't die, simply because one swipe creates instant glamour. But for this season, try updating this look by using a watermelon gloss or a matte lipstick applied with a fingertip. And throw out your liner. Too-precise is not the point.  

2. Smoky Eyes

  Every single season, we see one version or another of the classic smoky eye. And for that dimly lit date, it’s just a fact: it doesn’t get much better than this smudgy, sexy look. But when the warm weather hits, think more Barbarella than Blondie by swapping out browns and grays for taupes and golds. Iif you’re feeling a wee bit daring, this look has the added bonus of being totally wearable while the sun is still shining.  

4. Cat Eye 

  From Elizabeth Taylor to Angelina Jolie, the great beauties have always gravitated toward this screamingly sexy look. And it’s been my fallback big-night-out choice, as well, for about a decade now. How to style up this go-to classic for summer? Think bare and bold. Skip the eyeshadow entirely, draw on a thick cat eye with liquid liner (starting at the center of the eye, draw the liner out to a dramatic point, and then fill in the line toward the inner corner of the eye) and pile on the mascara. Finish off your face with bronzer and a swipe of clear gloss.  

4. Major Lashes

  Screen sirens have always gravitated toward big-time lashes, but ever since Kim K. came onto the scene it’s been all about the falsies. I love a full strip of fake lashes for a big evening out (and have even been known to go for falsies with sequins, feathers or other ridiculous things thrown into the mix). But for everyday glamour, I love  affixing a few individual lashes to the center of the upper lid (as opposed to the more-expected outer corners) for a wide-awake, gamine effect.

Photo credits: Courtesy of Jordan Reid (red lipstick); Goodshoot/Thinkstock (smoky eye); Hemera/ Thinkstock (cat eye); Photodisc/Thinkstock (major lashes)



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