Urban Decay Cyber Week is nearly over, which means that I will finally stop bombarding you with sale updates each and every day. As annoying as I’ve been, we can all agree that there’s reason to freak out when you can get 50% off of UD Pro brushes and Vice lipsticks. I just can’t not share such deals with readers or else our repertoire as faithful makeup obsessees is ruined. With that being said, your last Urban Decay Cyber week PSA features  two top-rated, cult-faves: Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette and the Urban Decay Brow Box.

As you all remember, the Urban Decay Cyber Week sale began the day before Thanksgiving with absolutely no warning and, consequently, no time to mentally (or financially) prepare. And after 10 days of spending, spending and more spending, there’s no doubt that the sale is going out with a bang. The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow palette includes twelve matte, neutral eyeshadows that are exclusive to the palette — meaning, you won’t find these shades in the OG Naked Basics palette or Naked2Basic palette.  It’s currently available for just $27 (regularly $54).

The last product to be released in the Urban Decay Cyber Week sale is the Urban Decay Brow Box. The mini tool kit (“though she be but little, she is fierce!”) contains all of the essentials you need to perfect and sculpt your brows — like powder, wax and necessary tools. The brow box is normally $30, but you can get it for just $10 today using the code KILLERBROWS.


Hero Image via Ulta Beauty on Instagram


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