Diana Crisan Aug 18, 2016

Blackmail. Conspiracy. Junkie. Ex-Girlfriend. Vanished.

No, we’re not plotting a scheme here. Although, it does sound like we’re up to no good. While something is in the works—it’s very hush hush. We wouldn’t dare tell a soul. We couldn’t. We shouldn’t. We mustn't.

But, we will! As fellow beauty-addicts, you have a right to know. Get this, the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks you know and love are being released in lip palette form! No more having to lug around a dozen of your fave shades (because there’s no such thing as one favorite, HA).


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Palette NEW


With a dozen finishes and cult-favorites from their massive collection—neutral to bright, dark to light—a gal can indulge in any one of her vices. Because if you’re feelin’ “Disturbed” and want to rock a deep, brick red matte, or “Junkie,” a metallic green with gold micro-sparkle, who are we to judge?

Whether it be an all-matte, all-Naked Shadow or a Vice Lipstick Palette, you better believe that when UD releases a new, limited-edition product, the world of makeup junkies is buzzing. Featuring a retractable brush ideal for contouring and creating added depth and dimension, the palette is also designed with an attached cover to keep your nudes, vamps, metallic reds, vibrant purples and hot pinks protected and your gunmetal compact free of messes.

This means, wherever you go, your lipstick vices can follow! And if we’ve learned anything from Urban Decay’s Vault launches, if you snooze … With no official release date announced just yet, we suggest you stay on the lookout. You better believe we won’t get a wink of sleep until we get our hands on one these!



Are you an Urban Decay fanatic? Tell us if you’ll be on the hunt for one of their Vice Lipstick Palettes, and which shade you’re dying to try!



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