Simcha Whitehill Feb 5, 2013
I’m Simcha Whitehill, but I’m better known as Miss Pop, a New York City-based nail artist. Every other week I’ll be breaking down the technique behind a must-have manicure. Some looks will be chic and easy and some may require a practiced hand (or a little patience!). Either way, it's all about having fun. I do nail art for one reason. Love.  At the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, celebrities got into the Valentine's Day spirit early and busted out heart manicures to show off on the red carpet. Being the Prince of Darkness’s daughter, Kelly Osbourne’s hearts were black, of course, while Kaley Cuoco went the more traditional route with a red and pink design. In honor of the trend, I created a design using a less expected symbol of the lovey-dovey holiday. I got inspired by Lulu Guinness's iconic lips for a look that makes me want to pucker up. Here is how to create this nail art that will leave you smitten. Difficulty level: 4 out of 10 What you need: How to do it: Step 1: Paint on the base coat and then add two coats of white lacquer. A lot of white polishes are too thin to really give even coverage, even after you double up on coats. But don’t give into temptation and apply heavy-handed globs. Keep your layers thin so the polish can dry quickly. You can always go back in and touch up the streaky spots. Step 2: To paint the lips, you need a thin brush with relatively short hairs, like the disposable kind used to paint on eyeliner. Or you could even use a dotter to make two dots for a top lip and then connect it with a rounded red line at the bottom. However you decide to lip it up, scatter the mouths across a few nails in a random pattern, leaving one or two nails blank to get striped. Step 3: To create the stripes, you’ll need a black nail art striper (and maybe even a white one for touch-ups, if you want very precise lines). You want to create your black lines a little in from the side of the nail so you don’t hit your skin. Also keep in mind that you want them separated enough to appear symmetrical on the nail. Depending on the width of your nail and the width of your striper brush, you might want to draw two to five black stripes. To make each line, start at the base of your nail and stroke out toward the tip until the brush clears the edge of your nail. Tip: Be sure to wipe most of the polish off of your striper brush. Nail art polish is a more concentrated formula, so you don’t need as much to make your mark. Plus, if your brush is too loaded the polish might spread out of shape and create a wobbly-looking line. Step 4: Still using your black striper, pick a few lips per nail and add a wavy black line in the center. Step 5: Allow 10 minutes before moving onto the next step because nail art polish takes some extra time to dry. Step 6: Apply the top coat to seal your swoon-worthy look.




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