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By now, you know how much we admire the French for their simple yet efficient skincare routines. Which is why we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell you all about Vichy and the launch of their new #ForgetFlawless campaign! The No. 1 anti-aging brand in European pharmacies is challenging the beauty industry (and you) to push aside unrealistic expectations of what your skin should look like at every stage of your life, and instead to focus on getting the real results your skin deserves. So, that little wrinkle on your forehead that shows up when you frown, or that tiny dry patch on your cheek — they’re what make you beautiful. And hey, we get that saying that might sound a tad cliché, but your skin reflects your life story, so stop giving it such a hard time and instead focus on making it look and feel the very best it can!   

Forget Flawless 

What Does the #ForgetFlawless Campaign Stand For?

The concept of preventive skincare is planted in the minds of French women from a young age. They’re taught to treat their skin in a gentle yet effective fashion without the need for invasive or intense regimens. It’s being good to your skin that really matters. On the other hand, women in the United States are heavily influenced by retouched ads, with their unattainable perception of what we all should look like — line, wrinkle, and spot free. But real skin has wrinkles and spots and imperfections, and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that! This is why the models in their campaign above have not been retouched. Skin is 100% real, just like their results!

The #ForgetFlawless campaign is not asking women to be unmotivated with their skincare program, rather Vichy hopes to illustrate with their hard-working, results-proven skincare products, that simple, daily actions lead to noticeable, long-term improvements. It is about rallying women to stop aiming for unattainable perfection and instead to strive to be the very best version of themselves.

Vichy wants you to be empowered by the reflection you see every morning! The video below highlights the internal struggle women have with themselves on a daily basis. Sound familiar? #ForgetFlawless asks you to take charge of your life and skin concerns at any stage of life — whether you’re in your optimistic 20s or wizened 50s — because your skin deserves better.

Take a stand against standards and explore Vichy's #ForgetFlawless campaign here!


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