Fact: Nothing is more annoying than a botched mani. You spend a good amount of time and effort in making sure the application is juuussst right and the polish is coated and layered to absolute perfection … only to have it messed up in minutes! All because you couldn’t resist the urge to grab or touch something for 10 whole minutes. We have SO been there. So, to make your wait time a little less boring, we compiled a list of productive things to do while you’re waiting for those nails to dry!

How to Multitask While You Wait for Your Mani to Dry

1. Facial Yoga

Regular yoga may be out of the question for the next 10 minutes, but working out those facial muscles is definitely not! Slim and tone that pretty mug of yours without lifting a finger. It’s like contouring, sans makeup!

2. Lunges & Squats

OK, now that your face is in good shape, time to work on those legs and booty! Do a few reps of lunges and then move over to the nearest wall to get some squats in. Not only will your mani be on point, but your legs and derriere will be turning heads, too! Heck, this can be your version of a gym sesh!

3. Practice Your Selfie Face in the Mirror

Most of us won’t admit it, but we have all taken (or attempted) a selfie at some point in our lives. Why not use these 10-to-15 minutes to indulge in a little harmless vanity? Get in front of the mirror and work those angles, practice your smile and learn how to turn on that smolder. Don’t worry, we won’t judge!

4. Dance, Dance, Dance

Get a workout in and lift your spirits with a little carefree dance session. You’d be surprised what shakin’ your moneymaker can do for your mood. So, turn on that guilty-pleasure tune and dance like no one’s looking … because they’re not!

5. Call Your Mom

We can’t think of a better way to kill time than a nice, long chat with Mommy. Whether it’s getting the deets on the latest family gossip, spilling about your dating life (because you know she’s dying to know) or just talking about life in general, there’s something about those convos with your mom that make everything better.

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