rmalhotra Oct 19, 2011
DON’T experiment with new products or formulas the night before a big event, since they can cause redness or irritation. “Even worse, you might be allergic,” says NYC derm Francesca Fusco, M.D. DO exfoliate and apply an extra thick moisturizer “so you wake up with smoother, plumped skin,” says Fusco. We like Origins Never a Dull Moment and L’Oréal Collagen Moisture Filler. DON’T drink tea, caffeine, and alcohol the night before. “These beverages have a diuretic effect that can make your skin dry,” Fusco says. DO sleep on your back and keep your head elevated with an extra pillow under your neck to reduce puffiness and swelling. DON’T eat salty foods that force your body to retain water and increase puffiness. DO log in at least eight hours of shut-eye a night to avoid dark circles. DON’T fall asleep with wet hair. It might break off or end up drying awkwardly (Hello, bed head!). Instead, lightly blow-dry it, then braid it in two pigtails for loose beach-waves the next day. DO wrap a silk scarf around your hair to keep it from forming dents overnight. DON’T try an injection such as Botox the day before an event. It could result in hard-to-conceal bruises. DO give yourself a quick, at-home microcurrent facial (try NuFace Facial Toning System) to rev up circulation and provide an instant lift. DON’T apply any conditioning oils to your scalp overnight. They might not wash out thoroughly in the morning, leaving you with greasy, limp strands. What do you do the night before to ensure you wake up looking beautiful?


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