We can have the best tools and treatments, but sometimes pesky frizz will find a way to make an appearance anyway. Think you've tried everything? Here are four weird ways to stave off frizz you may never have thought of before:

Frizzy Hair

Oil Up

A main cause of frizz is lack of moisture, says salon stylist and colorist Meghan Baldwin-Vasquez of NY-based salon Eva Scrivo. So invest in a great moisturizing shampoo like Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Nourishing Shampoo. Then, while your hair is still wet, mix a bit of styling cream and lightweight oil together and run it through your hair, from midway down the shaft to the ends. Avoid rough drying, andif you're using a diffuser, try not to touch it too much with your hands.

Fight Frizz With Fizz

Use carbonated water to wash your hair. The low PH levels found in carbonated water help to tame frizz, says Baldwin-Vasquez.

The Paper Squeeze

Use paper towels (as opposed to terry cloth) to squeeze excess water out of your hair after you wash it. The fibers in the paper towel create less frizz than a regular towel.

Dryer Sheets for Your Hair

The geniuses over at Kérastase came up with an idea: If dryer sheets cut out frizz in your laundry, wouldn't a similar product work for your hair? The Kérastase Carre Lissánt Smoothing Sheets smell great and are the perfect on-the-go frizz-taming solution.

How do you deal with out-of-control frizz? Tell us in the comments!


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