Is it time? Or isn't it? How long has it been? Am I overdue? These are all questions we ask ourselves when trying to figure out if we should get a haircut. It's so easy to get caught up and forget when out last appointment was—but don’t stress it. Here are five no-calendar-needed ways to figure out if it’s time to see your stylist.

how to know it's time for a haircut  

1. "The Web"

I often use this term to explain to my clients one of the reasons their hair can lack luster.  What "The Web" refers to are the little frayed ends of your hair that can create a dry and frizzy net over your head. If you're feeling like your hair has lost it's shine it's very possible that your suffering from "The Web" and a is a sure fire sign that you're due for a cut!

2. You can't style it any longer.

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror after doing your hair and noticed that something was off? It just isn't doing what it used to? Snip Snip! It's time for a trim! As your haircut grows out it slowly begins losing its shape and becomes harder to style. This means its time to give your hair a lift and bring it back to life.

3. There’s no spring left in your curls.

For most curly haired women, shape and bounce are key. If you're noticing that your curls don't seem to move, it could be because they are lacking moisture, especially if you also like to dabble in straight and sleek styles (read: excess heat on your locks). Dry hair not only lacks movement but also shape and shine... if you’re missing any of these three things, it's time to trim.

4. You can't see.

The most obvious way you can tell its time for a haircut is if your fringe and frame have grown out and have begun falling in your face.  A smart way to stretch your haircuts out a little bit is to talk to your stylist about getting a bang trim around the halfway mark. This can completely refresh your look and a bang trim is complimentary at many salons.

5. You need a change!

If your beauty routine is starting to feel the same day in and day out and your overall look could use a little change, it may be time to experiment with a new cut. Whether its all out chopping off your locks or just some getting some peek a boo bangs, switching up your hair can be a great way to have a quick, fresh new look.

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