Wedding Styles for Curly Hair

All you curly haired ladies deserve a medal. We are well aware of the work that goes into managing and keeping curly hair in check and we applaud those of you who do it every day. On top of everything else, you also have the task of keeping your hairstyles fresh and new, which can be a challenge since your luscious curls can sometimes get in the way. Things get especially tricky on formal occasions, right? Especially on THE day of all days. That’s right, we’re talking about your wedding. With your mind focused on flower arrangements and seating charts, the last thing you want to think about is how to style your unruly curly hair. We get it, and in true fashion, we want to give you a little hand in getting the best hair of your life on your wedding day!

Full Half-Updo

Who says you have to go all-up or all-down for a formal ’do? We think a happy medium could be just the ticket, especially if you’ve got wavy locks. Make sure you stock up on your texturizing spray or powder, as it will prove invaluable in achieving the fullest hair possible.

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Messy Bun

Messy Bun

While the idea of piling your hair haphazardly atop your head may leave you shocked and appalled, hear us out. The beauty of the messy bun is that it’s strategically messy (yes, that’s a thing). Natural curls are great in a messy bun, as you can shift around some strands so it looks a bit more structured and less disheveled. Pull out some pieces of hair around the bun and allow them to fall naturally for a soft, effortless look.

Side-Swept Braid

Side-Swept Braid

If you want to let your curly hair fly free and natural on your wedding, we say do it. However, give the all-down ’do a little added flair by throwing in a pretty side braid up front. Part your hair on the front side of your head (whichever side you prefer) and section off a one- to two-inch piece of hair. Braid the piece and pin it at the side of the head with bobby pins (tucking the end into loose hair so it’s hidden). You can also French braid the pieces at the front, to make it look like a pretty headband!

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