Diana Crisan Dec 22, 2015

Unless you were blessed with zero body hair, you understand the struggles that come along with shaving. And we’re not just referring to the act of shaving itself, but the actual places you have to shave — as some are obviously more embarrassing than others. We’ve basically mastered (and freely talk about) areas like legs and underarms, but there are a few others we must confess to. Oh, the things we do in the name of beauty … and smooth skin!

Shaving Your Body 

Shaving Toes & Feet 

We may not like to admit it, but shaving our toes (and feet) pretty much happens during every shower sesh. OK, maybe not every, but we focus on the region pretty frequently. What easier way to quickly remove hair down there than by giving them a quick — but careful — swipe.


Most hair removal methods for eyebrows involve tweezing, waxing, and, sometimes, threading, but another option can come in the form of a razor. There are mini razors specific to shaping and/or trimming your brows to perfection.

Face Shaving 

Yes, women do this too. Whether they do it themselves at home or go to a pro for a dermaplaning session, it is, indeed, a thing. And one with benefits that extend beyond hairlessness.

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Shaving Your Stomach

Men aren’t the only ones who have to deal with a “happy trail.” Another not-so-cute gift to womankind from the hair gods!

Shaving Knuckles

That’s right. With our hands (and perfect manis) on full display at all times, we want our knuckles to look their best, too!

Shaving the Back of Your Neck

Some hairlines extend way past the point we want them to and while this doesn’t bother most, others (e.g. ponytail fanatics) prefer to “tidy up” the area. 

Shaving Your Arms

We’re not all born with silky smooth arms, ya know! Those of us blessed with a fluffy blanket of fur on our upper limbs turn to shaving. Now you know ALL of our hairy little secrets!

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