If your tresses are looking more matte than magnificent these days, it might be time to get your mane's former shimmer shining again with a gloss treatment. Hairstylist Jennifer MacDougall helps us demystify this often-overlooked salon service. What it is: A glossing service is a semi- or demi-permanent service that works to enhance, tone, and refresh both natural and dyed hair colors. Why you want it: The treatment not only improves the conditioner of your hair by strengthening the cuticle, but it also brightens your existing color or blends away gray by adding what MacDougall calls a "photo-finish shine." MacDougall adds that glossing treatments can never lighten hair; they only darken or change the tone. And don’t worry: Unlike permanent dyes, semi or demi formulas won't leave a heavy line of demarcation and instead fade naturally as your hair grows. What to ask for: It's important to explain your end goal. Are you looking to go darker? Add a hint of red? Simply enhance your natural tone? The more you communicate to your stylist, the better your gloss will turn out. If you’re simply seeking extra glimmer (without an adjustment to the tone), opt for a clear gloss. Most services are ammonia-free, and therefore gentler, but if you’re in doubt, ask your hairstylist to clarify what type of gloss treatment she’s using. Have you tried a glossing service? What did you think?

Image Credit: Julia Savchenko / Getty Images

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