Oct 29, 2010
Halloween is the one night when a girl can lose all inhibitions—when it comes to her makeup, I mean. You get to pile on the glitter, the lashes, and the peacock blue eye shadow with abandon, and no one blinks an eye (how can they when they're all wearing inch-long feather lashes?). When you're a beauty editor or blogger, however, the possibilities are truly endless as you have enough products at your disposal to transform yourself into just about anything. Read on to find out what wild creations some of the top beauty editors have up their sleeves—or, should I say, in their makeup kits—for this weekend. "After exhausting the annals of Disney villains (my favorite costume so far has been Cruella DeVille), this year I'm inspired by Japanese horror flicks and will be dressing up as The Grudge. I'm wearing a white dress from American Apparel, my body will be painted deathly-pallor-white, and my lips will be whited out. It's an easy costume—and creepy, because I plan to stare menacingly at people while lurking in the corners of all photos and popping out unexpectedly from bathtubs and behind doors."—Eva Chen, Teen Vogue beauty director "I'm considering being Katy Perry because it's an easy one to pull off. I just need major fake lashes, retro eyeliner, a Betty Page wig, and pinup pink lipstick. Add a Ring Pop as a makeshift wedding ring and I won't be too embarrassed to hit a party or two!"—Gwen Flamberg, Us Weekly beauty director "I've narrowed it down to two options: The first is Warhol's Pop Art Liz Taylor. I own a "Stockard Channing in Grease" wig that's interchangeable as a Warholian Liz. Red lipstick, Beauty Is Life Eye Shadow in Sailor (a pure aqua), and black brow pencil (drawn way outside the lines) will complete the look. My other idea is a Spring 2011 Chanel Zombie. This involves mimicking the hair and makeup look from the show: A tight, middle-parted bun with a thin line of black liquid liner drawn down the part, and green-and-black smoky eyes. Then I'll mix green eyeshadow with white face makeup and a little moisturizer for an overall greenish, ghoulish cast on my face. I'll block out my lips with concealer and also tint them green and ghoulish!"—Celia Ellenberg, beauty director "I'm going as Lucille Ball. Aside from wearing a massive red wig, I'm going to do lots of red lipstick, full lashes, and very groomed brows."—Maura Lynch, Lucky senior beauty editor "I'm dressing up as a bedbug and am going around with my friend Samantha aka 'the victim,' who'll be in PJs."—Emily Weiss, editor of "I'm going as Ke$ha. I'm going to do a dramatic glittery eye (in the shape of a huge star), a feather earring (just in one ear), and sequins in my hair as well as tiny fishtail braids throughout. I'll probably wear a $ sign around my neck to really drive home the message. And I'll tear up fishnet stockings and wear combat boots, a rockstar-esque T-shirt, and a leather jacket. My husband is hopefully going as Justin Bieber (if I can convince him to straighten and swoop his hair), and my Frenchie puppy will be going as Elvis (his namesake), so we'll be a rock-star family theme!"—Eleanor Langston, Fitness beauty director "This Halloween I'm dressing up with my husband—he's going as The Wolfman, and I'm Little Red Riding Hood. I'm thinking big, flirty lashes with full-on red lips and super-pink cheeks to give me that doll-like glow."—Angelique Serrano, Allure beauty editor


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