Feb 25, 2011
First, it was rainbow nails. Now, it's rainbow hair. Suddenly, the dye job du jour isn't a sparkling Aniston blonde or a luscious Portman brunette. It's an in-your-face neon yellow—or green, or pink. Yes, it seems the fashion flock is embracing a trend that, while certainly not new (it's been a staple of the music world practically since hair dye was invented), is hardly mainstream. But now that a handful of top models and editors are punching up their hair with streaks of vibrant color, once has to imagine it's only a matter of time before a Kardashian is spotted with fuchsia highlights. In recent years, celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Rachel McAdams occasionally sported a few conspicuously-placed pink or blue highlights while stepping out on the red carpet (and in both ladies' cases, they dyed them back to their original color almost immediately). But the bold hair shades we're seeing of late aren't just on a discreet piece or two of hair. Dani Stahl, style director for Nylon magazine and one of the coolest girls in all of fashion, debuted a shockingly bright yellow ombre look recently during New York Fashion Week (bottom photo; click here to read about how hair colorist Marie Robinson created Dani's look). And at yesterday's Fendi show in Milan (top photo), models walked the runways with ribbons of blue, green, or pink highlights woven throughout their hair. Seems as though in addition to debating the newest trends in eye shadow and lipstick, we may now need to discuss the trendiest shades of Manic Panic. What do you think of the new punky hair color trend? FROM TOP, PHOTOS FROM BELLA SUGAR, JAKANDJIL, AND HARPER'S BAZAAR


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