Jan 19, 2011
Bright makeup burst onto the spring '11 runways like a tropical (colored) storm, and one of the brightest—albeit unusual—trends was vibrant red and pink eye makeup. I'm talkin' bold, notice-me shades of fuchsia and scarlet swooshed all over the lids or drawn in big, fat lines along the lashes. This gutsy look wasn't confined to just avant-garde designers—oh no, it appeared on major runways including Nina Ricci (above), Derek Lam (below left), and Dior (below right). The hues made quite an impression at the shows, but I figured that like those wild four-collar, four-cuff shirts from Victor & Rolf, this look was purely meant as runway entertainment, not as something to be worn in real life.

Flash forward a couple of months, and low and behold: These unconventional shades have made their way into spring makeup collections. Lancôme new's Color Design 5 Pan Palette (launching in February) has a shade called Pink Envy that includes a vibrant pink shimmer shadow. The Body Shop's Limited Collection For Eyes Palette (launching in March) includes a similarly punchy pink shadow, and in Yves Saint Laurent's spring makeup visual (below), model Ginta Lapina's eyes are rimmed in flamingo pink. And while I haven't seen any red eye makeup from our L'Oréal brands, I've certainly seen it out there from other makeup companies. Seeing as how the description "red eyes" conjures up images of all-nighters and severe allergy attacks, and "pink eye" conjures up images of a rather nasty ailment, how will red and pink eye makeup fare with shoppers this spring? Would you wear bright red or pink eye makeup?



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