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In friendship, as in many things, honesty is the best policy. But when it comes to our buddy's beauty choices, we sometimes hold our tongues…until now. We gave five sets of besties free reign to speak their mind about each other's look. How'd it go? Well, there haven't been any BFF breakups. Michele Dellegrazie and Melanie Corebello Former roomies and best friends for 14 years, they've learned each other's beauty secrets…and developed some pet peeves along the way. Michele says: "Since Mel is very pale skinned, she sometimes wears a ton of bronzer. I'm all about au natural makeup. I think she looks prettier without all of the gook." She'd like to steal Melanie's… " bright green eye color." Melanie says: "I'd take Michele's advice and wear less bronzer, but I need color! Blush alone looks clown-like on my pale skin. As for Michele, I think she spends entirely too much time on her hair—it's naturally wavy and she always blows it straight. Michele's makeup never looks overly done; sometimes I wish she'd take that same natural approach to her waves, too." She'd like to steal Michele's… "clear, olive complexion."

Andrea and Elaine

Elaine Welteroth and Andrea Arterbery The beauty BFF's practice what they preach: Andrea Arterbery writes about beauty and style for her site,, and Elaine Welteroth is the beauty and style editor at Ebony magazine. Andrea says: "I could spend hours playing with Elaine's hair, but she usually complains that I'm frizzing up her curls. My only piece of advice would be that she take time to do her makeup at home instead of always doing it on the go!" She'd like to steal Elaine's… "beautiful smile." Elaine says: "I love when Andrea wears falsies to emphasize her already-long lashes.  It gives her this gorgeous, wide-eyed look. But she should skip the heat and let her curls bang more often. Who wants to deal with a flat iron in the summer?"

She'd like to steal Andrea's… "smooth, flawless skin."Jeannine and Adrienne

Jeannine Morris and Adrienne Nagy After 20 years of friendship, these two are like sisters. Over the years, they've seen each other through dozens of beauty transitions—for better and for worse. Jeanine says: "When we were younger, Adrienne was known as the girl who always played it safe. Now she proudly sports bold coral lipstick and isn't afraid of hair dye. All eyes are on her when she walks into a room, and it's not just because of her looks—her positive energy is irresistible."  She'd like to steal Adrienne's… "bright smile." Adrienne says: "Jeannine writes, so she's usually the one giving me beauty advice! The only thing I'd suggest is that she warm up her dark hair color a bit more. Granted, when we were younger it used to be jet black so it's come a long way." She'd like to steal Jeanine's… "unique eyes."

Missy and Rachel

Missy Marasco and Rachel Adler Rachel, beauty director of, and her best friend Missy have advice from their routines they think each other would benefit from—and they weren't afraid to say it out loud. Missy says: "I'd love to see Rachel in a sun-kissed bronzed more often. I use bronzer, and think she can try using more of it." She'd like to steal Rachel's… "pretty lips." Rachel says: "Missy should experiment with makeup more. She is very au natural with her look, and I think bold lip colors could be fun on her from time to time." She'd like to steal Missy's… "gorgeous hair."

Danielle and Christinna

Danielle Morris and Christinna DelGenio The ladies were born on the same day, and sometimes pass themselves off as twins. Their mutual beauty philosophy—less is more—makes their made-up family ties that much more believable. Danielle says: "I love how Christinna always looks so natural. She knows just how much makeup to put on to make a statement, but keeps it simple enough to show her natural beauty. The one thing I'd change also applies to me—we both need to stay away from the tanning salons and try out different self tanners instead." She'd like to steal Christina's… "eyeshadow collection!" Christina says: "Since Danielle's a natural beauty, she doesn't need to spend hours putting on makeup or fixing her hair.  She just enhances her features a little. There's nothing I'd change about Danielle's look—she's gorgeous!" Christina would steal Danielle's… "no-makeup makeup look."


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