The makeup world is chock-full of surprises and curveballs, typically in the shape of new trends and techniques. It seems like every minute there’s a new method (and beauty term) for doing something a little bit better than we did before. These days, the method experiencing its 15-minutes of fame is root-stamping. If you’re scratching your head asking, “Huh?” don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out the reasoning behind this new lash trend and, more importantly, how to do it yourself!

Basics of Root Stamping

Why Should I Do It?

The purpose of root stamping is to give your lashes some fullness by thickening the root. Stamping the root gives the illusion of liner and makes the base of your lashes look naturally fuller and much more lush. It’s also incredibly easy to do and only requires your regular mascara and an extra wand (preferably a curved one).

How Do I Do It?

Step 1: Apply one-to-two coats of your favorite mascara as you normally would. For tips on how to apply mascara the right way, read this.

Step 2: Take your second wand and dip it into your mascara tube. You can also use the same mascara wand you were using, but a curved wand will provide more precise stamping. Starting at the outer corner of your lash line, press the wand against the root of your lashes. Resist the urge to swipe it upward!

Step 3: Repeat the stamping movement on the center of the lash line, followed by the inner corner. You want to make sure the entire lash line has been stamped! Feel free to stamp the lash line a few more times, until you get the fullness you want.

Step 4: Stamp your lower lash line as well, but be gentle when you apply pressure and make sure you only hit the root. Because these lashes are shorter, it’s easy to accidentally stamp the whole length of the lash (and get mascara on your skin!).

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Photo: Brianna Baxter 
Model: Maria Speranza

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