Oct 3, 2015

In the beauty world, there are thousands upon thousands of products that promise us the moon and stars: fuller lips, no more cellulite, longer lashes, fuller hair. And while some live up to their promises, many fall short. This is why, as beauty editors, we feel it’s important to test out new, innovative products that talk a big beauty game. So, when word started spreading about the new Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection, we knew we had to experience this miracle for ourselves. Check out how this new launch worked on senior editor, Angela Melero.

Urban Decay Resurrection Mascara

The Promise

Here’s the rundown on Mascara Resurrection: This reviving serum is designed to soften your mascara-ed lashes, allowing for a fresh coat later in the day. It’s perfect for freshening up your makeup or fixing a botched mascara job.

The Results

Angela M: “I’m a girl that loves her mascara and I like to demonstrate my devotion by wearing it EVERYDAY, without fail. And, I’m not one to just apply one coat and be done with it. Oh no, I like to pile it on to get as much length and fullness as humanly possible. That being said, I’m not a fan of the stiff, crunchy lashes I’m left with at the end of the day, especially when I have somewhere to go after work (you know like a hot date). I always struggle with how to refresh my makeup without having to start all over, ya know? I decided to test out the Mascara Resurrection around lunchtime, so my original coat(s) of mascara had been on for about five hours or so. I swiped on a couple coats on each of my lashes and gave them a second or two to absorb the formula. I was pleasantly surprised at the results! I touched my lashes and found them to be immediately softer! I reapplied a couple coats of my fave mascara and my lashes were just as fresh and lovely as they were that morning. As a beauty editor, it’s really nice to see a product that lives up to its promises. I’m officially a believer.”

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Photo: Lauren Rote
Model: Angela Melero 



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