bmpinja Mar 30, 2012

Do you ever wish you could walk up to a cool-looking girl on the street and ask for a peek inside her makeup bag? Well, we’re doing the snooping for you! Check out what this low-key lady has in her stash.

Name: Grace Occupation: Editor Beauty Icon: Salma Hayek What's in her makeup bag:
  • Smith's Rosebud Salve: "I like the old-fashioned tin and I like the idea that it can cure all sorts of things like blemishes and rough cuticles. If I needed something for my dry hands in a jam, I could use this thing."
  • Sephora Collection Eyelash Curler: "My mom always used a lash curler growing up and it seemed sort of dangerous. I  like this because I don’t normally wear mascara, but I like my eyes to look open. This product accomplishes this easily. Plus it’s hot pink!"
  • Anastasia Clear Brow Gel: "I have thick eyebrows that really frame my face, so I like them to stay put. This gel isn’t goopy or thick, but it keeps my brows in place all day."
  • NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Mexican Rose: "I’m trying to wear more color on my lips. The texture can go as heavy or as light as I want and it stays on forever."
Thanks, Grace! Look out for new makeup bag confessions every week (because we’re nosy like that).


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