There are certain makeup items we cherish and hold onto dearly, as they make a significant contribution to our day-to-day lives. Foundation is without a doubt one of these items. Think about it: Applying this magical formula has become as routine as taking a shower or shaving. That being said, our constant connection to it can make it hard to detect when something is off or when (gasp!) it’s gone bad. To help make parting ways an easier process, we’ve outlined the four telltale signs that mean it’s time to toss your fave foundation.

When Does Foundation Expire

1. It Smells Weird

Now, not all foundations smell like flowers, but they should have a generally pleasant scent. So if your foundation starts to develop a gasoline-or vinegar-like smell, it’s time to toss it. You don’t want to be sniffing that stuff all day long! And trust us, your complexion won’t like it either.

2. It’s Changed Color

A good way to decipher if foundation has gone bad is to test the shade on your wrist. If the color just doesn’t seem to match your skin the way it once did, it’s time to hit the beauty supply store and stock up on some new products.

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3. It’s Changed Texture

If you notice that the texture of your foundation has separated or looks chunky and clumpy, those are key indicators that it’s time to get a new bottle. The consistency of your foundation should be smooth and uniform at all times.

4. It’s Not Working Its Magic

Foundation should feel and look like second skin. That’s why we invest in these whipped, weightless and illuminating formulas, right? So when your foundation is starting to feel thick and cakey, or it simply doesn’t blend right anymore, toss it.

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