You know this to be true: Your makeup isn’t so much “stored” as it is scattered all over the place. From a few hairspray cans in the bathroom, to foundation bottles all over the bedroom and lipstick in the bottom of your purse — it’s time to get your products in order! But, where exactly are you supposed to keep it all? Not stuffed in the junk drawer, we can promise you that! Professional makeup artists Ashley Rebecca and Emily Oliver give us the 411 on where your stash SHOULD be stored.

Makeup Storage

Makeup Organization

Imagine a world where all of your makeup is stored in the RIGHT place, so you can always remember where you left it! Sounds perfect, we know. Proper organization is also extra useful for when you’re rushing out the door every morning. “Organization is always key for storing makeup,” says Rebecca. “Like stackable drawers you can keep in your bathroom or room. The best place to apply makeup is where you have the best natural light, so whether that's in your bathroom or bedroom, you can create a nice storage space to accommodate your collection.”

Where to Store Makeup

Where should it all go? “Foundations, liquids, cream products and lipsticks should be kept in a cool dark place, such as in an interior closet away from an outside wall,” says Oliver.  “Any exposure to sun and warmth can dry out the products, and also separate the natural oils that are inside of it, which can lead to the spoiling of makeup,” says Oliver. Yikes! Looks like we’ll be more careful with where we leave our favorite beauty products. No more leaving them in the car on a hot summer day!

As for the rest of your makeup, “powder products (eye shadows, bronzers, blushes, powders, etc.) can be kept most anywhere that is dry,” she says. “Extra humidity can be a death sentence to powder products, as some will become saturated and cakey. Be mindful of shower and bath humidity. Best to keep powders in an exterior closet rather than a bathroom. Keep all products away from furnaces, heaters, and the like.”

Good to know!

Where to Store Skincare Products

Let’s admit, where we store our skin care is not something we dwell on often. That being said, we totally should. “Fridge is a good place to store skincare products like de-puffing eye gel or a cooling face mask,” says Rebecca.

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And for those green-beauty believers, you’ll want to be extra careful with where you keep your organic stash! “For natural beauty products, make sure to store them in the refrigerator, and watch the expiration dates. While paraben-free formulas are great, some clients keep their products for too long, and they end up going toxic,” says Oliver.


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