May 12, 2010
That's a question that's been raised by more than a few groups. But one website,, does an interesting job of breaking it all down. They've come up with a list of The 99 Most Influential Fashion and Beauty Blogs across the world based on seven criteria, including how many other blogs link to the site, how many people have bookmarked the site, and overall traffic to the blog. While we can't say for sure whether their formula is an exact science, it's certainly one of the most detailed (and least subjective) analyses we've seen of the blogging community. The list is updated every few months, with call-outs to which blogs had the biggest gains in the ranking. Some of our favorite beauty blogs that made the cut are Bella Sugar (#27), Makeup and Beauty Blog (#45), and Blogdorf Goodman (#71). The site also reports that beauty bloggers in general are moving up in the ranks, with All Lacquered Up, Bella Sugar, and Makeup and Beauty Blog showing some of the biggest jumps in the ratings between January and April. Which beauty blog do you think has the most influence right now? PHOTO FROM MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG


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