Aug 23, 2010
Makeup isn't usually at the center of a heated debate—but that's exactly what happened over the weekend when The New York Times's T magazine blog ran an exclusive video by YouTube's most watched makeup artist (and Lancôme video MUA) Michelle Phan. The video—a tutorial on how to create a futuristic sci-fi makeup look—set off a firestorm of reactions when a man, who happened to be the first to post a comment about the video, wrote an open letter to all women sharing his feelings about why we wear makeup. His comment reads: "Dear Women, I cannot speak for all men, but as one, I am so sorry we have driven you to this. I realize we have evidence that men have been waring makeup for thousands of years, but this uniquely feminine manifestation of a clearly delusional daily process as a means of hiding your identity to potentially attract a mate, increase your social status or, least likely, to simply make you feel good about yourself is a level of oppression which makes me quite uncomfortable. This young girl has literally spackled her face." Many readers immediately leapt to Michelle's defense—and to the defense of all women who wear makeup—declaring that it's not about trying to attract a mate but rather about expressing oneself, and that Michelle is an artist who should be allowed to express herself in whichever way she chooses. Others—both men and women—sided with the man's viewpoint, remarking that makeup was originally created under the guise of making yourself more attractive to the opposite sex, and that men also groom themselves to help attract a partner. (Dennis from Calgary wrote, "Men wear cologne, cut their hair, wear facial piercings, and use deodorant, no? I really fail to see how it that is any different.") Over 100 comments were posted in the first 48 hours, and the debate is still continuing. What do you think of this man's commentary? Do you think it's fair? Why do you choose to wear makeup? Tell me what you think.


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